Thursday, 28 October 2010

Open D/s in front of Lina

She has ordered me to pick up her stuff from an office in a distant location, i am there 7.55am. i call Her to ask for further instruction and to check if i should still wear the ball strap: “Yes”. i did take it off only for shaving.

Already before returning home after work i remind Mistress of a couple of tv shows in Her weekly tv digest, to inform i will be a little late and to ask instructions about grocery shopping and printing some of Her stuff at work. In the evening She watches Lord of the Rings video with Lina, and i may join them, change clothes at a certain moment and later She orders me to bring a chocolate bar. i get it, don’t get a newspaper for me or anything else, i don’t touch the chocolate myself, though i am hungry, but bring it to Mistress, who breaks it into pieces and after She gives some to Lina She gives also me one piece. Then She tells me to go and eat, and bring Her a portion too, not noodle soup, but something else. i bring on a tray sweet and sour chicken and report what i was going to cook for tomorrow – She changes the menu, She says She doesn’t want the nettle pasta i had on the menu. i go to have some noodle soup myself.

i go back upstairs as my mobile alarms me of a gardening show on tv for Mistress, and inform Her. She starts watching it, i feel happy i was of use. i go to stand by Her, as i would like to suggest Indian pea dish for tomorrow, but She says i will not disturb while She watches tv. Lina is by Her, hearing. Instead She tells me to get Her woollen socks, and put them on Her feet.

Later at suppertime i help Her fill an application. i improvise a small fruit salad at Her approval. After supper She watches some more tv and i come to sit by Her fet to run some newspaper. Then She informs W/we are going to bed. i make some weightlifting until She tells me to go to Mats who is still reading in his room, take his dirty laundry to the laundry room and get Her a spoon for a cough medicine. i wait by the bed wearing my thong, i may dive under Her blanket to kiss Her thighs, but it tickles Her and She trembles, hurting me a little. She orders the ball strap off. It goes back on only if She so orders.

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