Friday, 15 October 2010

A perfect little T&D

Mistress has already warmed up sauna as i get home. She’s been at home the whole day. i change clothes, eat (i get discreetly also scraps from Lina’s plate) and W/we go to sauna. i read today’s paper in sauna, and i say i have been slipping from my chores lately. She agrees, says Her big felting job i have been doing in the bathroom is still unfinished, and the Mercedes is still not yet cleaned, and She needs me to prepare Her a petition for a grant. Lina is also present and She defends me, says that’s Mom’s job, not mine. Mistress says to Lisa She has problems with Her back, Lina answers She should do such jobs Her back allows. i ask Mistress, if She would like me to start felting now. No, She wants me to do water aerobics and help Her with the forms after that.

Later i work on the menu, prepare shopping list for myself and take food from the freezer for next day. W/we eat supper, but i’m very tired and She orders me to bed at 9pm. As She joins me in bed later, She yanks my briefs between my buttocks with a strong tug, bites both my buttocks long and hard, as i bite the pillow not to cry out, drowsy. She continues, grabs my balls in my briefs from behind, i help by spreading my legs and raising my hips from the bed as She pulls my ball sac, scratches my sides and squeezes my nipples. ‘Good night’, She says as She stops. What a perfect T&D!

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