Monday, 4 October 2010


Mistress and me are in the process of preparing a rulebook for me, and i want to share it with Y/you even though the contents are still evolving and the final version will be somewhat different, according to Mistress's wishes. i have made this version trying to just write down the practice W/we follow and the standing orders in force as of today. You will find link to the rulebook above right.


  1. I dont see why the cage comes off at night. You can sleep in it without problems.

  2. i have tried, but i wake up each night because of nocturnal erections. CB-2000 is so small. The other problem is hygiene. Mistress doesn't have time to supervise my showers, and the cage must be washed well from inside each day, otherwise it starts to collect urine.
    i am also so well behaved, that i never use the chances to masturbate, honestly. Not even a little. It's essential that i wear the cage during my free time in the net (early in the mornings).