Thursday, 14 October 2010

She's having worries

Mistress informs me that i will have to pick up Her work in Oslo, which means 100km driving for me. i call Her to inform of a tv program She might be interested in, as my mobile gives me alarm i have programmed as part of Her weekly tv schedule. She is having troubles at Her work, She’s going to have some wine. i purchase groceries on my way home from Oslo. As i get home She’s watching another of Her tv favorites. i forgot to remind Her of that, as the alarm went off at the cashier desk.

i empty the grocery bags and offer to massage Her neck right away to cheer Her up. She allows me, until She orders me to prepare us portions of my chicken korma. i clear the dishes as W/we have eaten. The dishwasher is broken, She’s ordered a repair man. W/we start browsing eBay for a bed for Lina.

After supper i go tell Mistress who is putting Lina to bed, about an art program in tv. She doesn’t have time. i offer to put Lina to bed instead of Her, but no. i start preparing shrimps in an Indian way in pumpkin sauce. She comes down and watches tv, doesn’t want anything. As She returns upstairs i follow suit and kneel by the bed. “Get ready to bed”, afterwards i return to the kneeling position. She is in bed already and orders me by Her. Then She plays lightly with my nipples, my buttocks, stroking them lightly all around, even near my asshole. “Start sleeping”

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