Friday, 22 October 2010

SMS slip-up

At work i answer Mistress’s SMS asking if i watered the seeds, signing it “Servant”. i get home early for once i have a chance to do so. During my way home i hear from Mistress that the rest of the family has lent a car and travelled to Oslo to charge their batteries, in cafes, museums, shops and eating. i call and i hear Mats was using Mistress’s mobile and read my message signed ‘servant’. i get embarrassed and sad. i don’t get it at once that it could be just signed off as humor. Mistress already did so. i get directions to get home, prepare food and try to melt the brake of the Mercedes.

i change clothes, put on overalls, crawl under the car to melt the brake cable and skid with a ht blower. With third try the skid comes off with a snap. Then i put the tools in place, go to net and even commit to some masturbating. i prepare minced meat sauce then, and warm up the sauna before the rest of the family get back home.

Mistress comes a bit later, after returning the car to O/our friends, and orders me to remove Her boots. This is becoming Her habit, She just had me remove Her boots the other day. i gather oldest scraps as my dinner. Then She orders me to go to the sauna with kids, remain to do the water aerobics and wash again the rim of the pool with a special detergent. i cannot use my left hand which i damaged on Saturday, so my right hand wears out, but i make myself continue and complete the job. After washing myself and exfoliating my crotch, dried and i’m already putting clothes on, Mistress comes to sauna, orders me to undress Her and myself, wash Her feet with soap and her pussy without soup, bringing the towel and drying Her with another towel, including drying Her feet and soles. i confess now the masturbation, and W/we discuss about getting me a chastity belt for birthday present (these days i am still on a honor system).

Upstairs kids are watching the last part of Lord of the Rings now, and Mistress orders me by her on the couch, to rub Her. Then She lets me get some supper and bring tea for Her. i have only a sleeveless shirt, briefs and socks. Then She orders the video to be switched off and W/we go to bed. Unfortunately no T&D today.

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