Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunday with ball strap

Sunday morning i wake up only 7.30, a little bit in the net, epilating and plucking, washing the sink after me like always, then hurrying to prepare porridge, as someone’s already awake. i have time to only prepare tea water before Mistress arrives. W/we hug. She asks whether i have the ball strap or not. Oh dear! i have forgotten it, i scurry upstairs to put it on. i lay the table. W/we eat. She goes through my weekly tv guide picks for Her. i clear the table, wash the worktops. She orders me upstairs, to divide laundry into fractions by color. She inspects and approves the divisions and chooses the pile to wash first. Then She sends me to the gym, but as i am leaving orders me to do double abdominals. She is minimizing my down time after orgasm.

Double abdominals make me quite exhausted (and the muscles are sore even tomorrow). Back home, putting laundry to dry, preparing lunch. i must warm up and eat what’s rest of the porridge, so i cannot eat much more. Making Mistress more tea, taking Lina to a birthday party, in the mean time Mistress eats what’s left of the chocolate cake. She goes through my proposal for weekly men, i transfer Her tv weekly as alarms into my mobile, i empty the clothes dryer, pick up Lina.

Mistress orders me to make my Spanish homework, i continue until it’s time to start preparing naan, sweet and sour chicken, rice and fresh salad for dinner, and to warm up sauna. This is beginning to form a Sunday routine for me. Dishwasher is filling up again, i always fill it up, run it and empty it. W/we eat. i clear the table, deal out folded laundry, and get permission to go to sauna. i do half water aerobics session in the pool, and stay the longest. As i return, Mistress is angry: ‘Why the dinner table is dirty, not washed up? Why are you just standing and looking stupid, you should be doing something to it now!’ i wash it up, excited about Her sudden harshness and the attention i got.

Later everyone goes to bed early, She orders me also to retire right after supper, again strict and stern. i brush teeth as told to, lift weights a long time, She checks up my ball strap (i took it off for the shower and put it back), and W/we discuss the day while i’m on my knees. Then She tells me to move on my knees before Her, and She sticks Her tongue in my ear, rolls it around. She is gradually taking over the male role and She likes to penetrate my ear, She keeps repeating that every once ina a while. Then: ‘head to pillow’.

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