Saturday, 23 October 2010

A visit to Her mom's

i find Mistress on the sofa as i get home. i kneel before Her, and She gives me a sensual kiss. i may eat, then She orders me to pack my bags, She has decided W/we’ll go to visit her Mom tomorrow morning and She had ordered me to use a couple of my holidays. Next She wants me to prepare Her a few CD’s, and later massage Her right elbow for about 20 minutes, as She is going to bed and lies on Her side in the bed. i get no reward afterwards, just another of Her sensual kisses, and then it is sleeping time.
We travel to Her mom in another town. There’s practically very little possibilities for enacting D/s there. Mistress’s also ill. Of course She rules what W/we do: both days She sends me to visit my mom, who lives in the same town in a senior house. On Thursday She sends me with Her mom to hardware store, and makes me fix Her new mailbox. Then She decides i take Her mom and Lina to movies, then come back to visit my mom and later to pick up mother-in-law and Lina, bring them home and go to watch a movie with Mats.

Fr She sends me to do some shopping with Lina and then take kids to a spa. In the evening W/we watch tv and in the bed i may paw Mistress’s butt, put my hands even in her panties, then take down Her panties, hug Her pussy and then She holds my clitty through my undies, and holds my balls that have slipped out of my briefs.


  1. Your blog is really interesting, and I particularly like your account of your daughter’s emerging dominant features. Although I agree that you should keep your children away from your kinks, it’s almost impossible to hide your lifestyle. Furthermore, if female supremacy is your persuasion, I think you should be more open about it. Instead of telling Lina a white lie about compensation for your laziness in the past, I think you should tell her that you think women are better at making decisions, and that it’s for the best for your family if your Wife takes the lead and you follow Her directions. Yor knocking om Lina's door before entering, and encouraging Mats to help out in the kitchen makes you a great example in promoting the femdom lifestyle. I’m sure Lina can’t wait to have a “mia” of her own.

  2. These accounts date back from a couple of years, and W/we have indeed confessed now openly to Lina that i obey Mistress. Mistress thought it was something W/we could tell her as she turned 13.