Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Washing up my car for Her

i wake up already at 6.30, use up my net time, epilate. Lina wakes up, wants semolina gruel, i make some, get the paper. Then i hurry with warm water and a sponge out into the snowfall, where i wash and vacuum my old Mercedes for Her to take over. As i am kneeling down scrubbing the rubber mats i get nearly an erection: i have to carefully tidy the car my Domme takes from me. i use a small car from now on. And Her car is now much tidier than mine. Mistress comes out and asks how long it is still going to take and guiding me how to arrange things in Her car.

As i am ready, W/we leave for the gym according to Her wishes, but i have to put Masala chicken to marinade first. As W/we return i prepare a tikka masala lunch. In the afternoon, She orders me to peel ALL of the garlic in the house (She likes them marinated) as We watch Volver. She cherishes the thought that though it takes a long time to peel them, it takes only a little time for Her to consume them.

i get Mats from his sleepovers, start preparing naan bread with him. i also make mushroom soup and wiener sauce with pasta for kids, and busy myself preparing all these simultaneously and warming up sauna also as She ordered. After getting everything ready and laying the table, i ask permission from Mistress to warm up old shrimps sauce & rice for my own meal. While W/we eat Mistress praises how tremendously my cooking has improved.

As i have cleared the table and done the dishes after sauna (Mistress ordered only short water aerobics as W/we were already to the gym), and i clean the kitchen, Mistress marches over to me and orders with a strict tone warm water with honey and smashed garlic, Her favorite drink to fight a flu. Of course i cannot do anything else but ‘Yes, Mistress’ and start preparing it and soon i bring it with a saucer to Her upstairs where She is putting Lina to bed. She orders me to put on the coffee table in the lobby.

After a little tv and reading some of today’s paper (Nowadays it’s good if i can browse the paper before night), i ask Mistress to let me go to sleep early as i have to wake up at 5.45 tomorrow. She grants permission.

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