Sunday, 3 October 2010

Washing up the pool

In the morning i drive Her to the railway station. W/we talk about the emission earlier this week possibly causing a sub drop, but She thinks it’s something else, random.

As i leave home from work i call mother-in-law and inquire about groceries to purchase. After delivering them at home i leave again to pick up Mats. W/we eat a dish i made, Her mom has baked though. Mistress gives me a lot chores: warming up sauna, spraying and watering plants, delivering folded laundry, fetching firewood, washing up doors, organizing cd’s, no time to even take a deep breath.

i have found in tv guide a program about handling ingrown hair, and i switch it on, watch it while i tend to the sauna. Her mom uses sauna first, i vacuum the closets in the hall in the mean time, and do my Spanish course homework. As it is O/our time to use sauna, Mistress orders me to wash the calcium deposits around the rim of the pool. i have to spend a lot of time in the pool scrubbing the tiles, and my penis shrinks in the old water. However as i get up from the pool to add water to the pool and return, the water feels quite warm.

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