Friday, 29 October 2010

Will work get in the way?

My morning routine consists of epilating my crotch, save for ballsac, which i pluck daily, shave, comb my hair, empty the cat litter box, wipe the hairs off the bathroom floor and wash sink, then breakfast (2 sandwiches and a small cup of coffee only) either standing up and emptying dishwasher while eating, or by the pc browsing. This morning i was also in charge of Lina waking up.

After my working day i do groceries shopping and take Mistress’s mail to the post office. She has an evening meeting so i make kids a meal right after i get home. Then i pick up Lina. After Mistress gets home She orders me to read my Spanish homework. She gets angry as i think not too enthusiastic to go through with Her the parts She had found difficult (She’s completing the same course). W/we go through them anyway, She’s the boss. Her meeting has not been successful, She’s absentminded and sleeps only two hours next night. i am afraid if O/our D/s will be ruined next year as She returns to full time work.

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