Tuesday, 30 November 2010

i have to toil with a sweet smile on my face

She has woken up before me. It’s 6.45. i prepare some gruel and tea first, get the paper, then ask permission to epilate and after that i make coffee for myself and eat breakfast. Then i have work to do: emptying the compost, She orders me to do that smelly job first thing Sunday morning. Besides i’ll have to empty the central vacuum cleaner dust container, remove its filter and clean it thoroughly (outside, it’s so dusty job), which takes long. As it is ready, and the parts and the surroundings vacuumed, W/we’ll leave for the gym together.

Back at home, i make lunch. i have marked a lot of tv shows for Her, She and Lina watch those. After the meal, tea (i bring many cups of tea to Mistress today) and coffee She sends me to do some sawing, after a few log slices She calls me to pick up Mats.

Later in the evening, as kids and Mistress watch tv, i slip into the kitchen to prepare a lot of enchilados. She surprises me writing with my mobile as i wait for the chicken to melt in the pan, and i get sour for a minute. She notices it and starts poking my fingers and nipples with a sharp knife until i confess that the reason may be Her weak condition because of Her pregnancy suspects. Later by bedtime She orders me a punishment, IcyHot gel in my balls, until i confess again my feelings for Her. She gives me permission to masturbate for 2 minutes tomorrow.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Mistress orders me with Her on a long walk around a nearby cape, on the way back She buys a bag of candies and lets me have exactly 10 licorice candies.

After the walk She wants me to prepare a new meal for lunch, we’ll eat the rest of the masala for dinner. i make mushroom-cauliflower-soup and chili con carne for kids, before Mats leaves for his nightover. Before dinner i will still make a chocolate cake and serve it to the W/women who are watching tv. i have made a lot of marks in the tv guide for Mistress for today. Clearing dirty dishes and taking care of the dishwasher is of course part of my duties. i use free time to write my story ‘Pro’ with my mobile.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Worries about possible pregnancy

Mother-in-law has left and She returns me immediately into the kitchen, i prepare shrimp masala and rice. She’s afraid that She might be pregnant thanks to O/our experiments without the condom. Her back wouldn’t like that.

She’s still worried. She orders me to grocery’s as i return from work, as i call Her and ask. After getting the kids to their swimming She goes through all Her worries about a possible pregnancy at such mature age, abortion etc. and bursts in tears.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Mistress and Her mom having fun as i toil

On Tuesday i have to go to grocery store on the way home, then put the laundry out to dry, eat leftovers, pick up Lina, visit another grocery store, get a bag of mould in to warm, and clean the tumbledryer of fluff. Mistress has been out on the town with Her mom shopping and having fun, as O/our cleaner has been cleaning the house. She has been having lunch using my card, driving the Mercedes i used to drive…

i have to fold the laundry and deliver it to everyone. i have to eat the old food just as a new meal is prepared for O/others. Then She sends me to shower and cuts my hair very short, She’s really good at doing that. i nearly finish Her book that i am reading to Her every night.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

A weekend at Her mom's

On Friday i had a day off. W/we wake up together and i may even try to seduce Her, rub Her pussy and clit and even fuck Her a bit before She tells me to stop.

After breakfast She orders me to make sandwiches for provisions and pack them in a bag: She was going to take me on a long walk. i follow half a step behind Her at Her side, She walks and walks, all the way to a nature resort island some 7km away. As W/we return, my legs are dead tired, i drag them. They hurt still next week.

After lunch i may prepare a lunch from leftovers and then a dinner that takes three hours to prepare: lamb korma, pan of vegetables and self-made chapati bread.

In the night, the petting starts over as W/we are in bed, i may fuck Her, no condom. First on top of Her then on all fours, like She wants it. She starts cumming and i have to withdraw as i would start cumming too i a moment. That interferes with Her cumming, She’s not happy about that.

W/we spent the weekend at Her mom’s, and on Sunday She takes me for a whole day to clean up my dad’s apartment, which was Her idea. She joins me there in the afternoon to pick me up for the dinner according to Her schedules. Her mom travels after the weekend with us, She will stay some time in O/our place.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My big blunder

In the morning i get the trailer and pick up Lina’s new bed in a nearby town, drive with it to work. i get an SMS ‘good slaveboy’.

At home W/we unload the bed, i help putting Mistress’s old loom apart to make room for the bed. She orders me to get some rest, She continues with Lina. i write my diary, then T/they order me again to help. i have to wash the surfaces of the bed.

W/we eat some supper, and after that turns out that Mistress is angry: ‘ i couldn’t get you to obey today’. i am surprised, but don’t make a number of it. She orders me to bare my arm and She pricks it with a needle. She pricks my fingertips after that: it feels so sharp! i ask what She wants me to do now. She lets me stay and watch some tv, as She goes to put kids to bed. i make a big mistake and go to my laptop. She catches me, starts the silent treatment, gives up the Mistress role

Her anger is already passing. i send Her very apologizing SMS’s. She even grants me permission to get the chastity belt! She informs W/we are going to the mall together. i pick up Her and Lina and follow them around in the mall.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Licking the floor

On Tuesday morning Mistress and me were left alone as Lina left to school. She grabs me by the neck, takes me to the biowaste bin, and pushes me to the floor. i lick in my mouth and eat four onion skins from the carpet, as She first keeps Her foot on top of my head and then moves it to rub my balls. Then i must kiss Her socks – what a humiliation!

As i get home from work i pick up Lina and visit grocery store. At home, as kids are not near, Mistress tells me She’s found another onion skin: they are falling from the confines of the biowaste basket. She points at the floor before Her. i kneel there and lower my head to the floor, give the floor a lick, and as i chew the skin, Mistress presses Her foot to my head so roughly i am afraid She breaks my glasses.

She has arranged that i will go to clean my father’s apartment on the next holiday.

i have to go to my neighbour next to turn his trailer, as Mistress has won an bed auction in eBay, and i will have to pick it up tomorrow.

By bedtime i read a couple of chapters from Her book on my knees. Then i may get under Her blanker and press myself against Her warm breasts in the dark.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Due for a punishment

i wake up early and have some net time before epilating. At work i receive an SMS saying She has found some onion skins on the floor, and will make me eat them.

At home She orders me to eat the oldest leftovers. i ask permission to have a hot dog later, with Lina overhearing.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

A hard day - falling asleep kneeling

i wake up only at 7am and use my morning net allowance for porn. Then i epilate, prepare gruel again, get the paper, lay the table etc. Mistress wakes up and tells me to collect red laundry for the washing machine. Then i may take care of the bills. i will go to the gym, Mistress joins me to have a walk.

Back at home i start preparing lunch. After lunch i may serve the tea and have my cup of tea. She says She likes me in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and black leather belt. i’ll have to scurry upstairs to get Her knitting. She doesn’t seem to have time to go through my proposals from tv guide for Her.

At 4pm W/we go out on the yard. i have to continue cutting the apple trees for an hour. Then i have to hurry to get the dinner ready in time: lamb curry and bhuna potatoes. They require quite a lot of effort. i have to peel a lot of onions, and Mistress wonders why i’m not using Her technique of dipping them in hot water. As i peel them dry some skins are falling on the floor. i promise to clean the floor up. She encourages me by saying i have to eat those skins that She finds on the floor!

i lay the table and invite everyone to eat, go to put some more firewood in the sauna oven and get more from the wood shed. Then i join them eating, clear the table afterwards, go to sauna with a plastic mug full of wine that She gives me.

In the evening i’m reading the book again on my knees, fighting not to fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hard working Saturday with a prize

i wake up at 6.45 so i have time to epilate and prepare gruel and eat and plan the weekly menu and go through Her tv schedule for the week a bit before it’s 8am and i have to be outside cutting apple trees as per her order. i also get the Saturday paper, but don’t open it. No net time today.

Cutting the branches is hard work. She had ordered me to continue 1,5 hours. i look at my watch, only half an hour gone. My neck aches more and more, as i must look upwards all the time. i little before 9.30 Mistress shouts for me to stop and return. As i am back inside i notice my shirt is all wet from my sweat and i feel so weak i suggest Mistress would drive U/us to O/our Spanish intensive lesson. i get better and have to drive.

In the lesson i wear proudly Mistress’s “Reserved” tag in my neck chain. As lunchtime comes, i warm up Mistress’s meal, bring it to Her and then warm mine. After the lesson W/we stop at a grocery shop, at home i out the groceries in cupboards, and then She tells me to continue cutting tree branches for one more hour. She gives a few liquorice sweets in my pocket and orders me to take one each 15 minutes. Yummy, i have been missing liquorice so much.

Next is dinner time, i prepare salmon soup and a chocolate cake for dessert. A mud cake type, that has become O/our family favorite. After dinner She orders me to divide Her seedlings into separate pots.

By bedtime, after reading Her book aloud for a long time, i try to seduce Her. She likes me in my sleeveless shirt, as i seem more muscular in it. She orders me to lock the door. She sits at the edge of the bed and i may kneel before Her and push my penis in Her pussy and do a few thrusts. Then She orders me to get a condom and put it on. Then i may fuck her on all fours. She wants to change the position and W/we try on O/our sides, with me partly on top of Her. Quite soon She starts to cum. i am not yet on the edge, and i’m left without. She says it’s good, as i require so much discipline after my orgasms. ‘Take the condom away and bring me a glass of water!’

Friday, 19 November 2010

Homemade ball weight

She asks if i am wearing the small strap around my ball sac. No, i have forgotten. She ordered me to put it on yesterday. i put it on now. i get the spicy shrimps ready with a little help from her before it’s time for me to take kids to their hobbies. She joins me as a surprise. i don’t know what She’s up to. She wants to walk from the sports center towards town. She says ‘A dog heels at the side’ and ‘It’s a pity I forgot the dog collar.’ She walks me a long route. i have not the right clothes on for that but i don’t mention that to Her. She asks about my musings. i say i dream about being Her sissy maid. i follow Her to O/our car, ask where to drive. ‘Home.’

At home She sits on the couch, orders a hot chocolate. It is not rich enough, i have to add more powder. She tells me to wait, kneeling up, knees a bit apart (a standing order). After a while She takes Her socks off. i may kiss Her feet. It’s wonderful, first i kiss the sole of each toe, ball of the foot, arch, heel. Then sides, toes from above, nails, instep from above, then repeat with the other foot. She tells me to get the wart medicine and salve, and grease Her feet, She applies the medicine to a wart.

She orders me to lower my pants, and She kicks my clitty a couple of times, watches. She tells me to get a stone and thread, She ties the thread around the stone and orders me to tie the thread to my ball sac strap a little beneath my balls. It weighs maybe 200gr. After tying it up i swing it a little by wiggling my hips making Her laugh. A lot of precum flowing, She orders me to put on my briefs with the stone hanging outside the briefs. Then i have to pick up kids. The stone rubs against my thighs in my pants. By bedtime i may remove the stone, the strap stays on. Then a lot of reading the book, and an order for tomorrow morning: i must cut the apple trees on Saturday starting 8am.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Reading aloud while in CBT

In the morning i may leave for work late. Mistress reminds me of Her order to peel the onions. i do it before i leave, then She fries them. Later i get an SMS saying i had cleaned kitchen poorly. i call, apologize, say that i deserve everything that’s in store for me. i do grocery shopping after work. At home it’s changing clothes, food, cleaning the kitchen, warming up sauna, massaging Her in sauna, full water workout for me. She bends me backward to kiss me. i get a hard-on. Lina’s taking a shower behind a glass door.

After sauna i may peel Her an apple. She orders me to kneel in a bathroom to address me, though Mats is in the neighbouring room. Washing up kitchen thoroughly, preparing gruel, supper, doing homework in Spanish, peeling another apple for Her, and offering it to Her in slices. More homework, lights off, preparing for bed, reading a book. As She goes by i stand up. Then i will read Her book for Her, a long time on my knees. Nearing the end of the chapter, She lowers my pyjama pants, and i must continue reading, as She bites my buttock, and simultaneously starts pulling my balls down. i have trouble continuing reading, but i get used to it. As She tells me to stop reading, She also commands me to remove my pants and sleep in a sleeveless shirt and socks only. She wants me on my back, and She climbs on top of me and dry humps me thoroughly. As She climbs off me and precum starts leaking: ‘Go to sleep now’.

Oh and i forgot, She has started kicking me between my buttocks as She sees me bending over.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Getting off, finally


i get home at 6. She orders me to first get Her a hankie, then change to casual, warm up the sauna and then sit by her as She reads poems. i have to pick up Lina from her hobby. i go to sauna first and do full water workout in the pool, then write my D/s story with my mobile. Later i may wash Mistress’s feet. i get the different oils, get a wash basin by the couch, She puts Her feet in the basin, i get under the table and wash and oil them. Next She tells me to put out the lights, clear the water away, clean the kitchen and W/we go upstairs there i may change to my pyjamas.

i will read Her book on my knees, and She starts to put on her corset, and after i find her stockings, She puts them on too. The chapter seems to never end, She lets me read for a long time. Finally She orders me on my back on the bed, She straddles me. She bites my nipples, orders me on my side, sits on me again and bites my buttocks hard as i bite my pillow. i may get a condom, take off my shirt and socks and get back in the bed. She sits on my clitty. Then She raises me to a sitting position and offers Her breasts for me to suck. i may take off my briefs, and my penis finds its way to Her pussy by a joint effort. i fuck Her briskly from below, banging Her buttocks with my thighs. She invites me to doggy style, then wants to continue on Her side. i can’t get the rhythm right, it’s either too slow or too rapid. She wants me to hold her loins. She wants to return to doggy style, and i may kiss Her buttocks and thighs, but not her pussy as i change position. i find out the reason later: She’s still having her period. Finally She cums, as i have her again doggy style, with a more careful style, and holding Her loins, and breaking and varying the rhythm. i cum simultaneously, which makes Her scratch and grope my thighs reaching back with Her hands. i’m a little afraid of the scratching part. i get no prostate pain after the orgasm, like i many times get.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Smiling eyes make the maid

i get home from work through a grocery at 6 pm. i will have to start preparing a tortilla meal right away. After W/we have eaten i may watch some tv and then clear the table. i remember to smile at Mistress whenever O/our eyes meet. W/we go to bed early, i may read Mistress’s book to Her on my knees. Mistress says She could take advantage of me, but doesn’t do it. Instead She orders me to put IcyHot on my balls.

Getting back home

W/we sleep after the party at mother-in-law’s. i use her wlan in the early morning until she summons me for breakfast.

After breakfast W/we discuss my visit to my mom. She tells me to get back earlier than i suggested, and i comply without talking back, with everyone, also mother-in-law listening. As i get back i have to eat quickly, as i am a bit late after popping to the gas station.

W/we leave home, i ask about my schedule for the evening in the car. i may drink my coffee at home emptying the dishwasher, then the gym, preparing dinner (curcuma potatoes, fresh salad, marinated lamb, self baked chapati). It takes time and i can only start warming up sauna as O/others are already feasting at the table i laid.

In the sauna i write my story with my mobile about a man that is a slave to a couple. As Mistress enters She notices precum dripping from my (of course flaccid) clitty. Luckily no-one else paid attention to it. After sauna She tightens Her grip. As i return from sauna, everyone’s eating ice cream, i am not offered any. She tells me to empty the washing machine, luckily i had done it already. She gives me an apple to peel for Her, then i must clear the table, wash the surfaces and the table. As i make a hot dog for my supper, She points out sarcastically that i succeeded in being spontaneous. Then preparing for bed, reading a book for Mistress while kneeling by the bed.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

At a party

i wake up at 6.45, use the net, epilate until i hear someone’s awake. i rush to put the tea water in the electric kettle, She arrives, W/we hug. i get the chance to ask Her what She wants for breakfast, i prepare semolina gruel and lay the table. i ask permission to get today’s paper, only then i make coffee for myself. After breakfast She wants me to prepare a morning sauna, make the bed, prepare menu proposal for the week and program Her tv shows in my mobile for the week.

In the sauna i drink diet coke. Lina notices it and asks, if i am allowed to take my weekly sauna beer later. i say that i must ask Mistress, but then i say i was just kidding. i do full water workout.

After sauna Mistress approves the menu, but wants additional side vegetables. i warm some soup for lunch, then i iron my shirt carefully, W/we are going to Her cousin’s birthday party. i carry the bags to the car, and the rest of the day is vanilla. In the party i get Her more tea and cake, and Her brother in law does the same according to mt example.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

In a harness

Straight to food mart from work. i call Mistress for instructions and She orders me to buy Her also a new book. At home She keeps strict discipline and makes me prepare a garlic marinade, which only She likes. i have to peel tens of garlic cloves.

After taking kids to their hobby i hurry home: now begin the rare moments during each week that W/we are alone. She orders me to close the curtains. i kneel before Her, in kitchen. She looks at me for a while, orders me to put on a full body harness. It’s old, since the time W/we did only scenes, made by Her, consisting of straps that go vertically in the front and back, go between my legs and above shoulders, and connected by horizontal straps and a waist strap. i scurry to put it on and return, get on my knees again. She orders me to continue peeling the garlic. i get a new batch of garlic from the basement, take care not to be seen (We don’t have curtains in all windows).

i continue for maybe 30 minutes and then i feel some pricking in my butt. She has taken a pin and pricks my buttocks with it, because i am too slow. Then She trains me to peel garlic more efficiently by soaking them in hot water. i do that, it gets a bit quicker. She gives me a sheet of tissue, and an order to wipe my penis with it, and an ultimatum to wash the cupboard door if i leak on it. i am working naked, my penis against the cupboard door. She asks me if i like chores more this way, i agree wholeheartedly, say i am really happy. She starts to use my buttocks as punchbags, hits away with abandon. Then She gropes my balls and butt.

As the garlic is peeled i make the marinade. As i am ready the next chore is to remove applicators from tampons i bought as She prefers ones without applicator. i wipe my penis every once in a while. Then She orders me to leave the harness on, put regular clothes over it and pick up the kids. Under my tight shirt the outlines of the straps may be visible but that’s just my concern.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

IcyHot for unpermitted net usage

In the morning i water the seeds, empty the washing machine, no net time. In the evening i have to call Her and ask permission to be a bit late. She has to pick Mats up.

It’s wonderful to be back home again, She has started warming up the sauna, orders me to continue that, as i report in Her study, then change clothes and eat. She and Mats join me eating. i try to suggest getting in sauna, but She orders me to shovel the rest of the snow. Snow is now wet, heavy and makes me sweat. Then i may go in sauna with a diet coke and do full set of water aerobics watching Her and Lina in the bathroom.

After sauna Mistress makes amendments to the rest of the weekly menu, and i get orders for tomorrow’s trip to grocery’s. i may remain in the kitchen, cleaning it as Mistress goes upstairs to put kids to bed. i misuse the situation and go to net as i get the kitchen clean. As i get upstairs Mistress asks me: ‘Did it take this long to clean up the kitchen’ i admit that it didn’t. She orders me in bedroom, IcyHot gel on my balls and penis, and to continue getting ready to bed without letting it show. The gel burns as it did yesterday, but i use toilet, brush my teeth and get Mistress the cough medicine She needs from Her purse. i may read my book on my knees as She reads Hers, then head to pillow, as She puts it.

Monday, 8 November 2010

IcyHot on balls


i remember to masturbate only as i’m driving back home. i check the two minutes from the car clock.

As i get home i get immediately a great kiss, then i’ll have to make tea for Her and put my own meal in the microwave, She chucks me out to change my clothes.

After eating She doesn’t let me become inert but orders me on my knees before Her, fillips Her finger against my nose and gives me a few slaps on the cheek. She makes me fetch Her knitting from upstairs. Then i have to service the air conditioning, dust its filters outside, and burn cardboard trash in the fireplace. Some intellectual conversations now and then.

i start preparing shrimp korma for tomorrow and W/we have supper. Next i alarm Mistress as a Picasso doc is starting on the telly, and i watch it with Her until i fall asleep on the couch. As the program is over i say that is i should be watching tv on my knees if i wanted not to fall asleep.

i may rub gel on Her shoulders in the bedroom. It turns out it is like IcyHot, so i have a good chance to mention that MsRika has a custom of rubbing it on a male’s balls or letting them wank with IcyHot in their hand. She orders me to put some right away on my balls. i do, and soon odd hot feeling begins. However my penis stays erect, a fact mistress points out joyfully. After a while She orders me to rub more gel on my balls like the package suggests. My balls are still feeling anguished and hot but i obey. Then She orders me to sleep, but the effect lasts for at least half an hour as i lay in the bed.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Petting Her to sleep

Lina wakes up early, that cancels my early morning net time. As i get home from work, i have to take Lina to her hobby right away, no time for even taking the coat off. Lina suggests W/we go buy some burgers, but i say Mom decides about that. Back home, eating, then to pick Lina up. At home Lina talks Mistress into going out skiing. Mistress orders me to shovel snow. Then it is time for me making porridge for supper, and cleaning up kettles and the kitchen.

By bedtime i’m on my knees by Her bed, She reads and lets me stroke her hair until She sleeps. Before that She promises me 2 minutes of masturbation time tomorrow. Yes!

Friday, 5 November 2010


i report at Her hobby room after taking the garbage out. She sends me upstairs to ask Lina if She wants to go with us to town. Lina says Ok, i hurry back to Mistress to inform Her. She sends me to eat. Then W/we set out. T/they go to pet and clothes stores, make me purchase groceries. After i have done it i will have to wait for them outside a clothes store.

Back at home, Mistress puts me into preparing enchilados for tomorrow. That takes up the majority of the evening, then W/we eat. Next i must empty all trash bins and cans in the household, as the garbage truck is coming tomorrow. i may watch a bit of Clash documentary, then shovel the snow from paths, take out the rest of the garbage and change a light bulb in the garden at 10.45pm.

As i finally get to bed Mistress orders me to massage Her shoulder. She falls asleep right after i start rubbing it. i continue a while, then carefully stop and withdraw my hands without awaking Her and fall asleep.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

She reads my fantasies

Mistress has a holds a strict reign the whole day. i wake up at 6.30, epilating and hygiene, a little MsRika reading. i prepare porridge and tea, lay the table, hug Mistress as She arrives downstairs. i draw Her a chair, serve the tea, get Her the paper, serve the porridge. She’s my sole focus on weekend mornings. After breakfast i may empty the washing machine and do preparations for the lunch, cutting onions and washing potatoes.

She tells me ‘W/we are going for a walk, but first get me a sack of compost from behind the garage’. i get first the wrong sack and She’s strict and angry about that. On the walk W/we go through O/our relationship, i say i’m happier. i apologize for my habit of reading today’s paper that has returned. She doesn’t think it is a problem. She chooses the route, cuts in if necessary. i get excited.

At home i may help Her in the garden until it’s time to make lunch. Smoked salmon and potatoes, neatly laid table. Then i may prepare tea and coffee, She gives me precise instructions how She wants Her tea prepared in the future. i serve the tea and drink my coffee while cleaning the kitchen.

i have to bring folded laundry to cupboards. i do it running as She has ordered me to leave asap into gym. As i leave, She orders me the regular gym routine.

On my way back home i pick up Lina from her sleep over , and as we get back i start reading the paper. Mistress’s order makes me jump up immediately: “W/we are not going to read any papers now. Take a damp washcloth, W/we are going to reorganize the bedroom.” Lina was sitting beside me as She said that. With a semi erection in my pants i get the washcloth, and follow Her upstairs, where i move under Her strict command 2 big cupboards, emptying them beforehand, i wash a lot of walls and shelves, remove nails etc.

Right after that i will start preparing dinner, red rice and Goan shrimps, and i empty the dishwasher while at it. As table is laid and the food is on the table, i have to go warm up sauna and join others for dinner only after that. i clear the table and go to sauna as others have been watching tv. They join me later in the sauna. i think i’m getting a flu, so i don’t do water aerobics, just concentrate on finally reading the paper.

At bedtime Mistress orders me to prepare for bed and get the laptop. i guess that it is about reading MsRika’s treat ideas, as She mentioned on the walk that She wants to read them. i get excited again and try to get the laptop while brushing my teeth, but She denies that. ‘First get ready to bed, then get the laptop’. After getting the laptop i have to wait for Her getting ready to bed and putting kids to bed. i rise up each time She goes by (i’m reading a book) and finally i follow Her into O/our bedroom, open up the bed and give Her the laptop. i kneel up as She reads my translation. i see myself from the mirror that She had me move today. After reading half an hour She wonders how perverted i am and asks what my favorite treat would be. i mention first ‘into my own mouth’, and then also masturbating on dog food and having to eat it all afterwards. i start to get embarrassed, i wobble on my knees, pres my head to the bed occasionally. i say i don’t suppose i would get a treat like that more often than maybe once a year and that i am perfectly happy without getting any at all. Then i may turn off the laptop and join Her in the bed.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Saturday night drilling

i wake up at 7 and epilate with Mistress watching over as She wakes up early too. Then i prepare porridge, get the paper. Today’s the day of O/our Spanish intensive course. My tag “Reserved” on my neck is well displayed all the time. Teacher asks about O/our holiday wishes. Mine’s the same that Mistress described before me. During the course i prepare more than one cup of tea to Mistress, and warm up and lay out Her meal at the lunch break. The other students are all women, and i think they suspected something.

Kids have made tikka masala from a mix at home, and W/we get to eat that as well. In the evening i make smoked salmon sandwiches, and i eat the leftover breakfast porridge. It’s difficult to wash the kettles, kids have burned them, but i scrub them clean. There are quite many tv favorites for Mistress today. For next week She chooses just a few for me to program in my mobile.

She gives a standing order: i must make all the recipes as double, kids are eating so much.

In the evening i kneel again by the bed. She asks about my expectations, i just reply, that i wait for Her commands. She starts to drill me! ‘Up, on your knees, turn around, lift your shirt, on your knees! Proceed here, turn around!’ A tight bite at each buttock while i bite the hem of my shirt and succeed not to cry out. Still a bit more drilling and to the bed. Fun!

Monday, 1 November 2010

D/s seems fading?

my club visits the house of parliament, i have asked permission from Mistress to participate, so i get home late. Mistress has started a fajitas meal, orders me to change clothes and finish preparing the meal. She has also started warming up the sauna, after the meal i get permission to go to sauna first, She joins me later, and i raise myself as She enters, so that She can choose Her seat. i do the water aerobics, after that nothing special: She goes early to sleep, i may stay up and browse the net.

i think i am slipping. In the dinner table i read the paper. i did ask Her a couple of days ago, if i should pee sitting or kneeling. She chose sitting. But otherwise the D/s relationship has faded somewhat. Well, W/we have not been at home at the same time much.