Sunday, 14 November 2010

At a party

i wake up at 6.45, use the net, epilate until i hear someone’s awake. i rush to put the tea water in the electric kettle, She arrives, W/we hug. i get the chance to ask Her what She wants for breakfast, i prepare semolina gruel and lay the table. i ask permission to get today’s paper, only then i make coffee for myself. After breakfast She wants me to prepare a morning sauna, make the bed, prepare menu proposal for the week and program Her tv shows in my mobile for the week.

In the sauna i drink diet coke. Lina notices it and asks, if i am allowed to take my weekly sauna beer later. i say that i must ask Mistress, but then i say i was just kidding. i do full water workout.

After sauna Mistress approves the menu, but wants additional side vegetables. i warm some soup for lunch, then i iron my shirt carefully, W/we are going to Her cousin’s birthday party. i carry the bags to the car, and the rest of the day is vanilla. In the party i get Her more tea and cake, and Her brother in law does the same according to mt example.

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