Monday, 1 November 2010

D/s seems fading?

my club visits the house of parliament, i have asked permission from Mistress to participate, so i get home late. Mistress has started a fajitas meal, orders me to change clothes and finish preparing the meal. She has also started warming up the sauna, after the meal i get permission to go to sauna first, She joins me later, and i raise myself as She enters, so that She can choose Her seat. i do the water aerobics, after that nothing special: She goes early to sleep, i may stay up and browse the net.

i think i am slipping. In the dinner table i read the paper. i did ask Her a couple of days ago, if i should pee sitting or kneeling. She chose sitting. But otherwise the D/s relationship has faded somewhat. Well, W/we have not been at home at the same time much.


  1. sounds to me like you are putting a lot of performance pressure on your wife to conform to what you want her to be. This strikes me as unfair, and not really appropriate. If she tells you about "performance" issues, I would recommend that you remind her how much you love her and are here for her.

    As I have been reading your blog over the last couple of weeks, I am struck by how much obsession i see about your penis, your time on the net, and your chores. I wonder if you spent time focusing or writing about your beautiful wife if that wouldn't help some.



  2. A good point, thanks jake.

    She limits my time for these hobbies a lot. Mostly my free time is working for Her, but in my writing i take up D/s related issues to make it more interesting reading. i try not to put pressure on Her, for one thing i never ask Her to do me anyway.