Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Getting back home

W/we sleep after the party at mother-in-law’s. i use her wlan in the early morning until she summons me for breakfast.

After breakfast W/we discuss my visit to my mom. She tells me to get back earlier than i suggested, and i comply without talking back, with everyone, also mother-in-law listening. As i get back i have to eat quickly, as i am a bit late after popping to the gas station.

W/we leave home, i ask about my schedule for the evening in the car. i may drink my coffee at home emptying the dishwasher, then the gym, preparing dinner (curcuma potatoes, fresh salad, marinated lamb, self baked chapati). It takes time and i can only start warming up sauna as O/others are already feasting at the table i laid.

In the sauna i write my story with my mobile about a man that is a slave to a couple. As Mistress enters She notices precum dripping from my (of course flaccid) clitty. Luckily no-one else paid attention to it. After sauna She tightens Her grip. As i return from sauna, everyone’s eating ice cream, i am not offered any. She tells me to empty the washing machine, luckily i had done it already. She gives me an apple to peel for Her, then i must clear the table, wash the surfaces and the table. As i make a hot dog for my supper, She points out sarcastically that i succeeded in being spontaneous. Then preparing for bed, reading a book for Mistress while kneeling by the bed.

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