Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Getting off, finally


i get home at 6. She orders me to first get Her a hankie, then change to casual, warm up the sauna and then sit by her as She reads poems. i have to pick up Lina from her hobby. i go to sauna first and do full water workout in the pool, then write my D/s story with my mobile. Later i may wash Mistress’s feet. i get the different oils, get a wash basin by the couch, She puts Her feet in the basin, i get under the table and wash and oil them. Next She tells me to put out the lights, clear the water away, clean the kitchen and W/we go upstairs there i may change to my pyjamas.

i will read Her book on my knees, and She starts to put on her corset, and after i find her stockings, She puts them on too. The chapter seems to never end, She lets me read for a long time. Finally She orders me on my back on the bed, She straddles me. She bites my nipples, orders me on my side, sits on me again and bites my buttocks hard as i bite my pillow. i may get a condom, take off my shirt and socks and get back in the bed. She sits on my clitty. Then She raises me to a sitting position and offers Her breasts for me to suck. i may take off my briefs, and my penis finds its way to Her pussy by a joint effort. i fuck Her briskly from below, banging Her buttocks with my thighs. She invites me to doggy style, then wants to continue on Her side. i can’t get the rhythm right, it’s either too slow or too rapid. She wants me to hold her loins. She wants to return to doggy style, and i may kiss Her buttocks and thighs, but not her pussy as i change position. i find out the reason later: She’s still having her period. Finally She cums, as i have her again doggy style, with a more careful style, and holding Her loins, and breaking and varying the rhythm. i cum simultaneously, which makes Her scratch and grope my thighs reaching back with Her hands. i’m a little afraid of the scratching part. i get no prostate pain after the orgasm, like i many times get.

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