Sunday, 21 November 2010

A hard day - falling asleep kneeling

i wake up only at 7am and use my morning net allowance for porn. Then i epilate, prepare gruel again, get the paper, lay the table etc. Mistress wakes up and tells me to collect red laundry for the washing machine. Then i may take care of the bills. i will go to the gym, Mistress joins me to have a walk.

Back at home i start preparing lunch. After lunch i may serve the tea and have my cup of tea. She says She likes me in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and black leather belt. i’ll have to scurry upstairs to get Her knitting. She doesn’t seem to have time to go through my proposals from tv guide for Her.

At 4pm W/we go out on the yard. i have to continue cutting the apple trees for an hour. Then i have to hurry to get the dinner ready in time: lamb curry and bhuna potatoes. They require quite a lot of effort. i have to peel a lot of onions, and Mistress wonders why i’m not using Her technique of dipping them in hot water. As i peel them dry some skins are falling on the floor. i promise to clean the floor up. She encourages me by saying i have to eat those skins that She finds on the floor!

i lay the table and invite everyone to eat, go to put some more firewood in the sauna oven and get more from the wood shed. Then i join them eating, clear the table afterwards, go to sauna with a plastic mug full of wine that She gives me.

In the evening i’m reading the book again on my knees, fighting not to fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

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