Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hard working Saturday with a prize

i wake up at 6.45 so i have time to epilate and prepare gruel and eat and plan the weekly menu and go through Her tv schedule for the week a bit before it’s 8am and i have to be outside cutting apple trees as per her order. i also get the Saturday paper, but don’t open it. No net time today.

Cutting the branches is hard work. She had ordered me to continue 1,5 hours. i look at my watch, only half an hour gone. My neck aches more and more, as i must look upwards all the time. i little before 9.30 Mistress shouts for me to stop and return. As i am back inside i notice my shirt is all wet from my sweat and i feel so weak i suggest Mistress would drive U/us to O/our Spanish intensive lesson. i get better and have to drive.

In the lesson i wear proudly Mistress’s “Reserved” tag in my neck chain. As lunchtime comes, i warm up Mistress’s meal, bring it to Her and then warm mine. After the lesson W/we stop at a grocery shop, at home i out the groceries in cupboards, and then She tells me to continue cutting tree branches for one more hour. She gives a few liquorice sweets in my pocket and orders me to take one each 15 minutes. Yummy, i have been missing liquorice so much.

Next is dinner time, i prepare salmon soup and a chocolate cake for dessert. A mud cake type, that has become O/our family favorite. After dinner She orders me to divide Her seedlings into separate pots.

By bedtime, after reading Her book aloud for a long time, i try to seduce Her. She likes me in my sleeveless shirt, as i seem more muscular in it. She orders me to lock the door. She sits at the edge of the bed and i may kneel before Her and push my penis in Her pussy and do a few thrusts. Then She orders me to get a condom and put it on. Then i may fuck her on all fours. She wants to change the position and W/we try on O/our sides, with me partly on top of Her. Quite soon She starts to cum. i am not yet on the edge, and i’m left without. She says it’s good, as i require so much discipline after my orgasms. ‘Take the condom away and bring me a glass of water!’

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