Friday, 19 November 2010

Homemade ball weight

She asks if i am wearing the small strap around my ball sac. No, i have forgotten. She ordered me to put it on yesterday. i put it on now. i get the spicy shrimps ready with a little help from her before it’s time for me to take kids to their hobbies. She joins me as a surprise. i don’t know what She’s up to. She wants to walk from the sports center towards town. She says ‘A dog heels at the side’ and ‘It’s a pity I forgot the dog collar.’ She walks me a long route. i have not the right clothes on for that but i don’t mention that to Her. She asks about my musings. i say i dream about being Her sissy maid. i follow Her to O/our car, ask where to drive. ‘Home.’

At home She sits on the couch, orders a hot chocolate. It is not rich enough, i have to add more powder. She tells me to wait, kneeling up, knees a bit apart (a standing order). After a while She takes Her socks off. i may kiss Her feet. It’s wonderful, first i kiss the sole of each toe, ball of the foot, arch, heel. Then sides, toes from above, nails, instep from above, then repeat with the other foot. She tells me to get the wart medicine and salve, and grease Her feet, She applies the medicine to a wart.

She orders me to lower my pants, and She kicks my clitty a couple of times, watches. She tells me to get a stone and thread, She ties the thread around the stone and orders me to tie the thread to my ball sac strap a little beneath my balls. It weighs maybe 200gr. After tying it up i swing it a little by wiggling my hips making Her laugh. A lot of precum flowing, She orders me to put on my briefs with the stone hanging outside the briefs. Then i have to pick up kids. The stone rubs against my thighs in my pants. By bedtime i may remove the stone, the strap stays on. Then a lot of reading the book, and an order for tomorrow morning: i must cut the apple trees on Saturday starting 8am.

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