Tuesday, 30 November 2010

i have to toil with a sweet smile on my face

She has woken up before me. It’s 6.45. i prepare some gruel and tea first, get the paper, then ask permission to epilate and after that i make coffee for myself and eat breakfast. Then i have work to do: emptying the compost, She orders me to do that smelly job first thing Sunday morning. Besides i’ll have to empty the central vacuum cleaner dust container, remove its filter and clean it thoroughly (outside, it’s so dusty job), which takes long. As it is ready, and the parts and the surroundings vacuumed, W/we’ll leave for the gym together.

Back at home, i make lunch. i have marked a lot of tv shows for Her, She and Lina watch those. After the meal, tea (i bring many cups of tea to Mistress today) and coffee She sends me to do some sawing, after a few log slices She calls me to pick up Mats.

Later in the evening, as kids and Mistress watch tv, i slip into the kitchen to prepare a lot of enchilados. She surprises me writing with my mobile as i wait for the chicken to melt in the pan, and i get sour for a minute. She notices it and starts poking my fingers and nipples with a sharp knife until i confess that the reason may be Her weak condition because of Her pregnancy suspects. Later by bedtime She orders me a punishment, IcyHot gel in my balls, until i confess again my feelings for Her. She gives me permission to masturbate for 2 minutes tomorrow.

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