Tuesday, 9 November 2010

IcyHot for unpermitted net usage

In the morning i water the seeds, empty the washing machine, no net time. In the evening i have to call Her and ask permission to be a bit late. She has to pick Mats up.

It’s wonderful to be back home again, She has started warming up the sauna, orders me to continue that, as i report in Her study, then change clothes and eat. She and Mats join me eating. i try to suggest getting in sauna, but She orders me to shovel the rest of the snow. Snow is now wet, heavy and makes me sweat. Then i may go in sauna with a diet coke and do full set of water aerobics watching Her and Lina in the bathroom.

After sauna Mistress makes amendments to the rest of the weekly menu, and i get orders for tomorrow’s trip to grocery’s. i may remain in the kitchen, cleaning it as Mistress goes upstairs to put kids to bed. i misuse the situation and go to net as i get the kitchen clean. As i get upstairs Mistress asks me: ‘Did it take this long to clean up the kitchen’ i admit that it didn’t. She orders me in bedroom, IcyHot gel on my balls and penis, and to continue getting ready to bed without letting it show. The gel burns as it did yesterday, but i use toilet, brush my teeth and get Mistress the cough medicine She needs from Her purse. i may read my book on my knees as She reads Hers, then head to pillow, as She puts it.

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