Monday, 8 November 2010

IcyHot on balls


i remember to masturbate only as i’m driving back home. i check the two minutes from the car clock.

As i get home i get immediately a great kiss, then i’ll have to make tea for Her and put my own meal in the microwave, She chucks me out to change my clothes.

After eating She doesn’t let me become inert but orders me on my knees before Her, fillips Her finger against my nose and gives me a few slaps on the cheek. She makes me fetch Her knitting from upstairs. Then i have to service the air conditioning, dust its filters outside, and burn cardboard trash in the fireplace. Some intellectual conversations now and then.

i start preparing shrimp korma for tomorrow and W/we have supper. Next i alarm Mistress as a Picasso doc is starting on the telly, and i watch it with Her until i fall asleep on the couch. As the program is over i say that is i should be watching tv on my knees if i wanted not to fall asleep.

i may rub gel on Her shoulders in the bedroom. It turns out it is like IcyHot, so i have a good chance to mention that MsRika has a custom of rubbing it on a male’s balls or letting them wank with IcyHot in their hand. She orders me to put some right away on my balls. i do, and soon odd hot feeling begins. However my penis stays erect, a fact mistress points out joyfully. After a while She orders me to rub more gel on my balls like the package suggests. My balls are still feeling anguished and hot but i obey. Then She orders me to sleep, but the effect lasts for at least half an hour as i lay in the bed.

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