Wednesday, 10 November 2010

In a harness

Straight to food mart from work. i call Mistress for instructions and She orders me to buy Her also a new book. At home She keeps strict discipline and makes me prepare a garlic marinade, which only She likes. i have to peel tens of garlic cloves.

After taking kids to their hobby i hurry home: now begin the rare moments during each week that W/we are alone. She orders me to close the curtains. i kneel before Her, in kitchen. She looks at me for a while, orders me to put on a full body harness. It’s old, since the time W/we did only scenes, made by Her, consisting of straps that go vertically in the front and back, go between my legs and above shoulders, and connected by horizontal straps and a waist strap. i scurry to put it on and return, get on my knees again. She orders me to continue peeling the garlic. i get a new batch of garlic from the basement, take care not to be seen (We don’t have curtains in all windows).

i continue for maybe 30 minutes and then i feel some pricking in my butt. She has taken a pin and pricks my buttocks with it, because i am too slow. Then She trains me to peel garlic more efficiently by soaking them in hot water. i do that, it gets a bit quicker. She gives me a sheet of tissue, and an order to wipe my penis with it, and an ultimatum to wash the cupboard door if i leak on it. i am working naked, my penis against the cupboard door. She asks me if i like chores more this way, i agree wholeheartedly, say i am really happy. She starts to use my buttocks as punchbags, hits away with abandon. Then She gropes my balls and butt.

As the garlic is peeled i make the marinade. As i am ready the next chore is to remove applicators from tampons i bought as She prefers ones without applicator. i wipe my penis every once in a while. Then She orders me to leave the harness on, put regular clothes over it and pick up the kids. Under my tight shirt the outlines of the straps may be visible but that’s just my concern.

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