Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Licking the floor

On Tuesday morning Mistress and me were left alone as Lina left to school. She grabs me by the neck, takes me to the biowaste bin, and pushes me to the floor. i lick in my mouth and eat four onion skins from the carpet, as She first keeps Her foot on top of my head and then moves it to rub my balls. Then i must kiss Her socks – what a humiliation!

As i get home from work i pick up Lina and visit grocery store. At home, as kids are not near, Mistress tells me She’s found another onion skin: they are falling from the confines of the biowaste basket. She points at the floor before Her. i kneel there and lower my head to the floor, give the floor a lick, and as i chew the skin, Mistress presses Her foot to my head so roughly i am afraid She breaks my glasses.

She has arranged that i will go to clean my father’s apartment on the next holiday.

i have to go to my neighbour next to turn his trailer, as Mistress has won an bed auction in eBay, and i will have to pick it up tomorrow.

By bedtime i read a couple of chapters from Her book on my knees. Then i may get under Her blanker and press myself against Her warm breasts in the dark.

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