Friday, 26 November 2010

Mistress and Her mom having fun as i toil

On Tuesday i have to go to grocery store on the way home, then put the laundry out to dry, eat leftovers, pick up Lina, visit another grocery store, get a bag of mould in to warm, and clean the tumbledryer of fluff. Mistress has been out on the town with Her mom shopping and having fun, as O/our cleaner has been cleaning the house. She has been having lunch using my card, driving the Mercedes i used to drive…

i have to fold the laundry and deliver it to everyone. i have to eat the old food just as a new meal is prepared for O/others. Then She sends me to shower and cuts my hair very short, She’s really good at doing that. i nearly finish Her book that i am reading to Her every night.

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