Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My big blunder

In the morning i get the trailer and pick up Lina’s new bed in a nearby town, drive with it to work. i get an SMS ‘good slaveboy’.

At home W/we unload the bed, i help putting Mistress’s old loom apart to make room for the bed. She orders me to get some rest, She continues with Lina. i write my diary, then T/they order me again to help. i have to wash the surfaces of the bed.

W/we eat some supper, and after that turns out that Mistress is angry: ‘ i couldn’t get you to obey today’. i am surprised, but don’t make a number of it. She orders me to bare my arm and She pricks it with a needle. She pricks my fingertips after that: it feels so sharp! i ask what She wants me to do now. She lets me stay and watch some tv, as She goes to put kids to bed. i make a big mistake and go to my laptop. She catches me, starts the silent treatment, gives up the Mistress role

Her anger is already passing. i send Her very apologizing SMS’s. She even grants me permission to get the chastity belt! She informs W/we are going to the mall together. i pick up Her and Lina and follow them around in the mall.

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