Thursday, 18 November 2010

Reading aloud while in CBT

In the morning i may leave for work late. Mistress reminds me of Her order to peel the onions. i do it before i leave, then She fries them. Later i get an SMS saying i had cleaned kitchen poorly. i call, apologize, say that i deserve everything that’s in store for me. i do grocery shopping after work. At home it’s changing clothes, food, cleaning the kitchen, warming up sauna, massaging Her in sauna, full water workout for me. She bends me backward to kiss me. i get a hard-on. Lina’s taking a shower behind a glass door.

After sauna i may peel Her an apple. She orders me to kneel in a bathroom to address me, though Mats is in the neighbouring room. Washing up kitchen thoroughly, preparing gruel, supper, doing homework in Spanish, peeling another apple for Her, and offering it to Her in slices. More homework, lights off, preparing for bed, reading a book. As She goes by i stand up. Then i will read Her book for Her, a long time on my knees. Nearing the end of the chapter, She lowers my pyjama pants, and i must continue reading, as She bites my buttock, and simultaneously starts pulling my balls down. i have trouble continuing reading, but i get used to it. As She tells me to stop reading, She also commands me to remove my pants and sleep in a sleeveless shirt and socks only. She wants me on my back, and She climbs on top of me and dry humps me thoroughly. As She climbs off me and precum starts leaking: ‘Go to sleep now’.

Oh and i forgot, She has started kicking me between my buttocks as She sees me bending over.

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