Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Saturday night drilling

i wake up at 7 and epilate with Mistress watching over as She wakes up early too. Then i prepare porridge, get the paper. Today’s the day of O/our Spanish intensive course. My tag “Reserved” on my neck is well displayed all the time. Teacher asks about O/our holiday wishes. Mine’s the same that Mistress described before me. During the course i prepare more than one cup of tea to Mistress, and warm up and lay out Her meal at the lunch break. The other students are all women, and i think they suspected something.

Kids have made tikka masala from a mix at home, and W/we get to eat that as well. In the evening i make smoked salmon sandwiches, and i eat the leftover breakfast porridge. It’s difficult to wash the kettles, kids have burned them, but i scrub them clean. There are quite many tv favorites for Mistress today. For next week She chooses just a few for me to program in my mobile.

She gives a standing order: i must make all the recipes as double, kids are eating so much.

In the evening i kneel again by the bed. She asks about my expectations, i just reply, that i wait for Her commands. She starts to drill me! ‘Up, on your knees, turn around, lift your shirt, on your knees! Proceed here, turn around!’ A tight bite at each buttock while i bite the hem of my shirt and succeed not to cry out. Still a bit more drilling and to the bed. Fun!

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