Wednesday, 3 November 2010

She reads my fantasies

Mistress has a holds a strict reign the whole day. i wake up at 6.30, epilating and hygiene, a little MsRika reading. i prepare porridge and tea, lay the table, hug Mistress as She arrives downstairs. i draw Her a chair, serve the tea, get Her the paper, serve the porridge. She’s my sole focus on weekend mornings. After breakfast i may empty the washing machine and do preparations for the lunch, cutting onions and washing potatoes.

She tells me ‘W/we are going for a walk, but first get me a sack of compost from behind the garage’. i get first the wrong sack and She’s strict and angry about that. On the walk W/we go through O/our relationship, i say i’m happier. i apologize for my habit of reading today’s paper that has returned. She doesn’t think it is a problem. She chooses the route, cuts in if necessary. i get excited.

At home i may help Her in the garden until it’s time to make lunch. Smoked salmon and potatoes, neatly laid table. Then i may prepare tea and coffee, She gives me precise instructions how She wants Her tea prepared in the future. i serve the tea and drink my coffee while cleaning the kitchen.

i have to bring folded laundry to cupboards. i do it running as She has ordered me to leave asap into gym. As i leave, She orders me the regular gym routine.

On my way back home i pick up Lina from her sleep over , and as we get back i start reading the paper. Mistress’s order makes me jump up immediately: “W/we are not going to read any papers now. Take a damp washcloth, W/we are going to reorganize the bedroom.” Lina was sitting beside me as She said that. With a semi erection in my pants i get the washcloth, and follow Her upstairs, where i move under Her strict command 2 big cupboards, emptying them beforehand, i wash a lot of walls and shelves, remove nails etc.

Right after that i will start preparing dinner, red rice and Goan shrimps, and i empty the dishwasher while at it. As table is laid and the food is on the table, i have to go warm up sauna and join others for dinner only after that. i clear the table and go to sauna as others have been watching tv. They join me later in the sauna. i think i’m getting a flu, so i don’t do water aerobics, just concentrate on finally reading the paper.

At bedtime Mistress orders me to prepare for bed and get the laptop. i guess that it is about reading MsRika’s treat ideas, as She mentioned on the walk that She wants to read them. i get excited again and try to get the laptop while brushing my teeth, but She denies that. ‘First get ready to bed, then get the laptop’. After getting the laptop i have to wait for Her getting ready to bed and putting kids to bed. i rise up each time She goes by (i’m reading a book) and finally i follow Her into O/our bedroom, open up the bed and give Her the laptop. i kneel up as She reads my translation. i see myself from the mirror that She had me move today. After reading half an hour She wonders how perverted i am and asks what my favorite treat would be. i mention first ‘into my own mouth’, and then also masturbating on dog food and having to eat it all afterwards. i start to get embarrassed, i wobble on my knees, pres my head to the bed occasionally. i say i don’t suppose i would get a treat like that more often than maybe once a year and that i am perfectly happy without getting any at all. Then i may turn off the laptop and join Her in the bed.

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