Friday, 5 November 2010


i report at Her hobby room after taking the garbage out. She sends me upstairs to ask Lina if She wants to go with us to town. Lina says Ok, i hurry back to Mistress to inform Her. She sends me to eat. Then W/we set out. T/they go to pet and clothes stores, make me purchase groceries. After i have done it i will have to wait for them outside a clothes store.

Back at home, Mistress puts me into preparing enchilados for tomorrow. That takes up the majority of the evening, then W/we eat. Next i must empty all trash bins and cans in the household, as the garbage truck is coming tomorrow. i may watch a bit of Clash documentary, then shovel the snow from paths, take out the rest of the garbage and change a light bulb in the garden at 10.45pm.

As i finally get to bed Mistress orders me to massage Her shoulder. She falls asleep right after i start rubbing it. i continue a while, then carefully stop and withdraw my hands without awaking Her and fall asleep.

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