Thursday, 25 November 2010

A weekend at Her mom's

On Friday i had a day off. W/we wake up together and i may even try to seduce Her, rub Her pussy and clit and even fuck Her a bit before She tells me to stop.

After breakfast She orders me to make sandwiches for provisions and pack them in a bag: She was going to take me on a long walk. i follow half a step behind Her at Her side, She walks and walks, all the way to a nature resort island some 7km away. As W/we return, my legs are dead tired, i drag them. They hurt still next week.

After lunch i may prepare a lunch from leftovers and then a dinner that takes three hours to prepare: lamb korma, pan of vegetables and self-made chapati bread.

In the night, the petting starts over as W/we are in bed, i may fuck Her, no condom. First on top of Her then on all fours, like She wants it. She starts cumming and i have to withdraw as i would start cumming too i a moment. That interferes with Her cumming, She’s not happy about that.

W/we spent the weekend at Her mom’s, and on Sunday She takes me for a whole day to clean up my dad’s apartment, which was Her idea. She joins me there in the afternoon to pick me up for the dinner according to Her schedules. Her mom travels after the weekend with us, She will stay some time in O/our place.

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