Wednesday, 29 December 2010

CB-2000 arrives

i'm now back from O/our holiday, and resume posting, but maybe a little slower phase due to other hurries.


i return home late after work and doing grocery shopping. i notice Mistress on the yard and report to Her in the middle of emptying the car. She was going to collect the cb-2000 parcel from the mail office but She lost the receipt. i have to go and prepare the dinner. i make leek-potato purée soup, one of Her favourites, and pasta sauce for the kids, i’m busy as the kids need to be taken to their hobbies soon.

i may retrieve the cb parcel after driving the kids to the swimming hall. At home i present the box to Mistress kneeling, unopened. She asks what i will do to earn it? i say i will clean up the kitchen, it was left very untidy. She says the quicker i do it the quicker the box will be opened. i clean up and wash the kitchen very carefully, i think, but She points a few spots i missed and removes the grating of the gas range for me to wash also that properly.

But She doesn’t let me open the box just yet. She makes me empty the washing machine, and teach Her the use of O/our new camera and install the instructions on Her laptop before bringing Her a glass of wine. Then i may sit on the floor before her to open the box. i read the instructions first. i ordered it from and they have included some nice extra clues as well.

i get a measuring tape to measure the diameter of my genitals: 18 cm, about the same as the biggest a-ring. Mistress does not believe i would have such large equipment, so She orders me to use the second biggest ring. i slide it in place, succeeding with second try. Then i examine the spacers and locking pins but i start getting a hard-on. i insert the longest points of intrigue, but get another erection and the points bite sharply at the base of penis. i get the hard-on down by thinking about work issues and snap! i manage to slip the cage over my shaft and it is ready to be locked for the first time.

i fit in the tiny cb-2000 well, until an erection starts to creep in again, and i have to bend into a heap, legs spread, my penis in agony. Mistress gets excited at once, presses me against a table my butt up in the air and sinks Her teeth once again my buttock, fondling my balls simultaneously from behind. i nearly howl from pain as the points dig into my meat.

i try to give the key to Her, but She tells me to put it in the chest together with the instructions and the surplus parts, and hen i must burn the package, though it is neat and anonymous without Tickleberry name showing. As i busy myself, my penis returns to its flaccid state and the cb is painless. But with the cb being new i get erections every so often and the rather tight (some 17 cm diameter) a-ring that goes behind my balls works as a penis ring and strengthens erections. Then points of intrigue start causing nearly unbearable pain. i notice i´m all wet as i’m squashed in the cage.

Soon i have to leave to pick up the kids – first time in thee cb outside home. No problems. In the evening She orders the cage removed. Weekends and apparently all the time at home i will have free time, but i have to use the tight a-ring. During the night it hurts, as it stiffens the nocturnal erection, but after initial problems early in the night i sleep well.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

A surprising Thursday fuck


As i get back on my yard from work, i still settle the last business issues over the phone. She’s working in the garden. i change clothes immediately and report to Her in the garden. i get directions to eat and warm up the sauna for Lina. i obey swiftly. W/we bath in sauna together and i do full water workout in the pool.

After sauna i pile folded laundry and carry them upstairs without being prompted to. We have some smoked reindeer for supper. As W/we watch Simpsons, Mistress tells me to go and peel Her a carrot. i raise myself right away saying nothing and obey. i bring Her the carrot and return to clean up the kitchen. She goes to put Lina to sleep and directs me upstairs to get ready for bed.

In the bedroom She takes a condom, orders me to lock the door and open the toy chest. i see that She is wearing a short silk nighty and stockings. She orders me to remove my socks and put on ankle and wrist bracelets and put the electric dog training collar on my neck. “Remove the (sleeveless) shirt! Stand up! Turn around! Walk backwards!” She highlights Her commands with various shocks on the collar. After backing up my g-string clad ass is in front of Her face. She rises from the bed where She was sitting, sinks Her teeth in my left buttock and bites hard. She gives me a strong shock simultaneously, i cry out, but She keeps Her teeth in my buttock. She orders me on my back in the bed, the shocks continue. She ties my wrists higher in the headboard of the bed than before, climbs on top of me and takes off Her negligee, revealing a black corset, and wonderful bare breasts in front of me, but i may not lick the pussy nor breasts, before She offers them to me. First She does suction treatment to my ear, then i may raise my head and suck each nipple in turn. She grinds Her crotch against my penis which is still inside my g-string, then removes my thong as i raise my ass, puts a condom on my penis, and masturbates me, pulling my balls with Her other hand – awesome – and lets me fuck Her from below.

Next She fucks me by letting me spread my legs as far as they go, and lay still, as She moves her loins back and forth. i may even bend my knees and draw my legs towards my head. Wonderful! She removes my hands, and lets me fuck Her from behind, on O/our sides, and finally in doggy position, until She cums. i am not fast enough, so i am left without orgasm. i have to hurry and clear everything up and back into the toy chest, lock it up, take the condom into kitchen trash and get to sleep.

i love the fact that W/we make love only after Her initiative, when She wants it.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

She's not into watching me wank


As i get home She’s watching Channel 4 along the hint i gave Her while driving home, as my mobile alarmed me of one tv show possibly interesting to Her. i change clothes, eat. my mom calls me as i prepare garlic marinade for Her. She wants to go for a walk, W/we do, then She sends me to collect the detergent order She made through a network friend. W/we watch tv together, Lina prepares the supper. i put a machine load of laundry to dry. i finish off with the marinade.

At night W/we talk about sex. She doesn’t like watching my masturbate, hasn’t been watching it for half a year now. i get sad, remain in my thoughts. She says humping Her leg might be more likable. A silver lining to darkest cloud.

PS. W/we are leaving for a vacation in a few days, so don't worry if no updates appear before Christmas.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Mistress’s birthday

So many times i have heard accounts of special sessions organized on a slave’s birthday. But i can’t recall any story of Mistress’s birthday. Funny!?

Well, Hers went like this.

In the morning i only give Her the flowers, as She wakes up. Kids have prepared Her gifts also.

In the evening after work i take Lina to her hobby after visiting a grocery store. At home i wash part of the fridge as Mistress has put this on my chore list. i prepare tomorrow’s meal in advance. Mistress lets me put on the frilly lacy apron She bought me during our Tenerife holiday, as i am allowed to cook in my work clothes, W/we are going to the restaurant after that. She grabs my penis through my clothes, as i mention to Her that Her tongue in my ear does not disgust me but gives me an erection.

Then i take Her and Lina to the fanciest restaurant in town, where W/we eat an expensive menu. W/we all eat so much that W/we feel sick the rest of the evening.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Some sexual harassment

i bring a machineful of laundry downstairs in the morning and switch on the washing machine. As i get back from work i purchase flowers as tomorrow’s Mistress’s birthday. i reserve a table at a good restaurant. i am still engaged in work discussions on my mobile ad i get home, eat and change clothes. Then solving Her email problems. Out, helping Mistress to build a wall to a flowerbed.

In the evening She harasses me in bed. She presses my perineum behind my balls hard with Her finger, sucks my ear, bites my buttocks leaving strong marks, squeezes my buttocks and my balls. My thong stays on all the time, and no touching my penis. She let me also lie on top of Her and imitate fucking Her, but She had no intention going further.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Active Sunday

i wake up at 7, shorter time in net, otherwise same morning procedure. i have been soaking barley groats overnight, but making porridge out of them is a long process and unfortunately Mistress has to wait for Her breakfast a bit. i get the paper and serve Her. As W/we eat i go through tv guide and mark Her favorite programs and program alarms in my phone for them. She informs i am not to go to the gym, but out to saw and rake a certain area. After that i will have to get large manure bags She has bought from a farmer and spread the contents in the places She shows me.

Next i prepare lunch, quickly using leftovers, for Her a freshened brie salad, for me mixed oldest leftovers. i practise a very submissive facial expression as i serve Her tea and a cookie, then more tea and an extra cookie. i clean up kitchen As She drinks tea, and i may drink my other daily small cup of coffee now.

W/we go out on the yard again, more sawing, raking and taking trash to the compost. Then She proclaims it’s time to put the rowing boat in the sea, She defines in a detailed way how She wants it equipped. She is not content with my regular rowing phase, instead i must really exercise, and W/we notice that my condition has improved so much i can row us against the wind a longish time without getting exhausted.

She orders me to prepare dinner, it’s chicken masala with rice and self made naan bread. It takes nearly two hours to prepare i, including laying the table, and i also warm up the sauna meanwhile.

In the evening Mistress quite as a surprise jabs my balls. i’m on my knees, She drags my upper body on the bed and bites me in my arm and my ear, sticks Her tongue in my ear. She tells me to pluck the hair from my ears, i do it in the morning.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Yes! - She's not pregnant!


Mistress’s period starts in the evening, W/we are happy again and D/s continues.

i wake up before 7am, have time for the net, epilating, making breakfast gruel. She accepts my breakfast serving, which wasn’t granted at that time. Finally i find out the proper they to brew green tea (the water must not be too hot, and the tea leaves must be removed after 5 minutes).

She wants a good quality shredder as Her birthday present, i have to find out the models and retailers, and She joins me to purchase it and do groceries shopping. She buys expensive pants for Herself.

At home i make a shrimps salad. She watches some tv shows as i remind Her of them, and then She wants to take a walk with me. After that Her period starts, and W/we feel so relieved. She already got so worried, She even said She was going nuts as She was crying yesterday. Now it’s all past!

i prepare a dinner of Her favorite brie-fig-salad and barbecue some sausages and corncobs according to Her wishes. After i have cleaned up ktichen W/we watch some Discovery channel together before starting a games evening, which She has decided about. W/we play board games till the night.

Before going to sleep i must do a workout, and as i kneel by the bed after that in my thong, She orders me to turn around on my knees. She watches my butt and – ‘Let’s go to sleep’.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kids leave to school before U/us. As W/we are alone, Mistress offers me Her foot to worship. i kiss Her foot, remove the sock and lick the foot. i may also suck the big toe, then to work, giddyup.

On Wednesday evening i move some plants under Mistress’s direction, maintain the chain saw and saw some firewood. i take a quick shower in the morning and don’t warm up the sauna to save time for working. i have to go to grocery store both evenings, which She scolds me for: i have to plan ahead so that i need to buy groceries only twice a week.

W/we go to sleep early on both days. She has got used to using my services even during the night: “Put the lights on!” “Lights off!. i wake up at 5.15 and use the wee hours for Femdom literature i found on


Her period is late. i try to follow Her around, to be available as She may have some orders for me. But She says She’s fucked up with me, O/our relation is in crises during the evening. She doesn’t lead me, so i just warm up the sauna as kids are in the swimming hall.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Polishing Her boots


Alarm sets off at 5.40, it’s dark and i’m tired. After epilating and breakfast i have to go to the toilet. Mistress ordered me to masturbate today for 2 minutes so i take my laptop with me and reading Femdom Society i sit on the toilet and masturbate. i end up with a ruined orgasm, exceed the time limit a little, i take my hand away and a little pool appears on the toilet floor. i lick it away.


As i get home Mistress controls my schedule strictly: She makes me wash Her winter footwear including soles and polish them. That’s interrupted as i have to leave to pick up Lina from her hobby. Later She orders me gardening work, to cut stems of perennial plants and rake.