Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Active Sunday

i wake up at 7, shorter time in net, otherwise same morning procedure. i have been soaking barley groats overnight, but making porridge out of them is a long process and unfortunately Mistress has to wait for Her breakfast a bit. i get the paper and serve Her. As W/we eat i go through tv guide and mark Her favorite programs and program alarms in my phone for them. She informs i am not to go to the gym, but out to saw and rake a certain area. After that i will have to get large manure bags She has bought from a farmer and spread the contents in the places She shows me.

Next i prepare lunch, quickly using leftovers, for Her a freshened brie salad, for me mixed oldest leftovers. i practise a very submissive facial expression as i serve Her tea and a cookie, then more tea and an extra cookie. i clean up kitchen As She drinks tea, and i may drink my other daily small cup of coffee now.

W/we go out on the yard again, more sawing, raking and taking trash to the compost. Then She proclaims it’s time to put the rowing boat in the sea, She defines in a detailed way how She wants it equipped. She is not content with my regular rowing phase, instead i must really exercise, and W/we notice that my condition has improved so much i can row us against the wind a longish time without getting exhausted.

She orders me to prepare dinner, it’s chicken masala with rice and self made naan bread. It takes nearly two hours to prepare i, including laying the table, and i also warm up the sauna meanwhile.

In the evening Mistress quite as a surprise jabs my balls. i’m on my knees, She drags my upper body on the bed and bites me in my arm and my ear, sticks Her tongue in my ear. She tells me to pluck the hair from my ears, i do it in the morning.

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