Wednesday, 29 December 2010

CB-2000 arrives

i'm now back from O/our holiday, and resume posting, but maybe a little slower phase due to other hurries.


i return home late after work and doing grocery shopping. i notice Mistress on the yard and report to Her in the middle of emptying the car. She was going to collect the cb-2000 parcel from the mail office but She lost the receipt. i have to go and prepare the dinner. i make leek-potato purée soup, one of Her favourites, and pasta sauce for the kids, i’m busy as the kids need to be taken to their hobbies soon.

i may retrieve the cb parcel after driving the kids to the swimming hall. At home i present the box to Mistress kneeling, unopened. She asks what i will do to earn it? i say i will clean up the kitchen, it was left very untidy. She says the quicker i do it the quicker the box will be opened. i clean up and wash the kitchen very carefully, i think, but She points a few spots i missed and removes the grating of the gas range for me to wash also that properly.

But She doesn’t let me open the box just yet. She makes me empty the washing machine, and teach Her the use of O/our new camera and install the instructions on Her laptop before bringing Her a glass of wine. Then i may sit on the floor before her to open the box. i read the instructions first. i ordered it from and they have included some nice extra clues as well.

i get a measuring tape to measure the diameter of my genitals: 18 cm, about the same as the biggest a-ring. Mistress does not believe i would have such large equipment, so She orders me to use the second biggest ring. i slide it in place, succeeding with second try. Then i examine the spacers and locking pins but i start getting a hard-on. i insert the longest points of intrigue, but get another erection and the points bite sharply at the base of penis. i get the hard-on down by thinking about work issues and snap! i manage to slip the cage over my shaft and it is ready to be locked for the first time.

i fit in the tiny cb-2000 well, until an erection starts to creep in again, and i have to bend into a heap, legs spread, my penis in agony. Mistress gets excited at once, presses me against a table my butt up in the air and sinks Her teeth once again my buttock, fondling my balls simultaneously from behind. i nearly howl from pain as the points dig into my meat.

i try to give the key to Her, but She tells me to put it in the chest together with the instructions and the surplus parts, and hen i must burn the package, though it is neat and anonymous without Tickleberry name showing. As i busy myself, my penis returns to its flaccid state and the cb is painless. But with the cb being new i get erections every so often and the rather tight (some 17 cm diameter) a-ring that goes behind my balls works as a penis ring and strengthens erections. Then points of intrigue start causing nearly unbearable pain. i notice i´m all wet as i’m squashed in the cage.

Soon i have to leave to pick up the kids – first time in thee cb outside home. No problems. In the evening She orders the cage removed. Weekends and apparently all the time at home i will have free time, but i have to use the tight a-ring. During the night it hurts, as it stiffens the nocturnal erection, but after initial problems early in the night i sleep well.


  1. Did you have a nice holiday? I am glad you are back and posting again. Do you have to wear de cb-2000 at work too?

  2. I thank you for this wonderful post. I appreciate the time you spent detailing the way the chastity device fit, and all the issues you had dealing with it. I love how you describe your responses to the points of intrigue. It sounds like this new chastity device is going to be a lot of fun for your Mistress and not so much for you. But that is part of being a sub.

  3. Thanks the holiday was fine. i'll tell some details about that later, as i proceed posting chronologically from my diary.

    i still wear the same device, also at work.