Friday, 10 December 2010

Mistress’s birthday

So many times i have heard accounts of special sessions organized on a slave’s birthday. But i can’t recall any story of Mistress’s birthday. Funny!?

Well, Hers went like this.

In the morning i only give Her the flowers, as She wakes up. Kids have prepared Her gifts also.

In the evening after work i take Lina to her hobby after visiting a grocery store. At home i wash part of the fridge as Mistress has put this on my chore list. i prepare tomorrow’s meal in advance. Mistress lets me put on the frilly lacy apron She bought me during our Tenerife holiday, as i am allowed to cook in my work clothes, W/we are going to the restaurant after that. She grabs my penis through my clothes, as i mention to Her that Her tongue in my ear does not disgust me but gives me an erection.

Then i take Her and Lina to the fanciest restaurant in town, where W/we eat an expensive menu. W/we all eat so much that W/we feel sick the rest of the evening.

1 comment:

  1. Love the apron..and Her grabbing you... sigh!