Thursday, 2 December 2010

Polishing Her boots


Alarm sets off at 5.40, it’s dark and i’m tired. After epilating and breakfast i have to go to the toilet. Mistress ordered me to masturbate today for 2 minutes so i take my laptop with me and reading Femdom Society i sit on the toilet and masturbate. i end up with a ruined orgasm, exceed the time limit a little, i take my hand away and a little pool appears on the toilet floor. i lick it away.


As i get home Mistress controls my schedule strictly: She makes me wash Her winter footwear including soles and polish them. That’s interrupted as i have to leave to pick up Lina from her hobby. Later She orders me gardening work, to cut stems of perennial plants and rake.


  1. I was a bit behind reading your blog. Now I had some time and I read it to the end.
    You are such a wonderful slave to your Wife.
    I enjoy your blog. Please thank your Wife for allowing you to write it.


  2. Oh, thanks appy.

    i'll thank Her.