Sunday, 12 December 2010

A surprising Thursday fuck


As i get back on my yard from work, i still settle the last business issues over the phone. She’s working in the garden. i change clothes immediately and report to Her in the garden. i get directions to eat and warm up the sauna for Lina. i obey swiftly. W/we bath in sauna together and i do full water workout in the pool.

After sauna i pile folded laundry and carry them upstairs without being prompted to. We have some smoked reindeer for supper. As W/we watch Simpsons, Mistress tells me to go and peel Her a carrot. i raise myself right away saying nothing and obey. i bring Her the carrot and return to clean up the kitchen. She goes to put Lina to sleep and directs me upstairs to get ready for bed.

In the bedroom She takes a condom, orders me to lock the door and open the toy chest. i see that She is wearing a short silk nighty and stockings. She orders me to remove my socks and put on ankle and wrist bracelets and put the electric dog training collar on my neck. “Remove the (sleeveless) shirt! Stand up! Turn around! Walk backwards!” She highlights Her commands with various shocks on the collar. After backing up my g-string clad ass is in front of Her face. She rises from the bed where She was sitting, sinks Her teeth in my left buttock and bites hard. She gives me a strong shock simultaneously, i cry out, but She keeps Her teeth in my buttock. She orders me on my back in the bed, the shocks continue. She ties my wrists higher in the headboard of the bed than before, climbs on top of me and takes off Her negligee, revealing a black corset, and wonderful bare breasts in front of me, but i may not lick the pussy nor breasts, before She offers them to me. First She does suction treatment to my ear, then i may raise my head and suck each nipple in turn. She grinds Her crotch against my penis which is still inside my g-string, then removes my thong as i raise my ass, puts a condom on my penis, and masturbates me, pulling my balls with Her other hand – awesome – and lets me fuck Her from below.

Next She fucks me by letting me spread my legs as far as they go, and lay still, as She moves her loins back and forth. i may even bend my knees and draw my legs towards my head. Wonderful! She removes my hands, and lets me fuck Her from behind, on O/our sides, and finally in doggy position, until She cums. i am not fast enough, so i am left without orgasm. i have to hurry and clear everything up and back into the toy chest, lock it up, take the condom into kitchen trash and get to sleep.

i love the fact that W/we make love only after Her initiative, when She wants it.


  1. That is hot, I so love to have a scene like that happen to me in real life. You are so lucky that your wife allowed you to have sex with her. I agree I love how it is on her terms, and when she wants it.

  2. Love Her commands and initiative ..thanks!