Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kids leave to school before U/us. As W/we are alone, Mistress offers me Her foot to worship. i kiss Her foot, remove the sock and lick the foot. i may also suck the big toe, then to work, giddyup.

On Wednesday evening i move some plants under Mistress’s direction, maintain the chain saw and saw some firewood. i take a quick shower in the morning and don’t warm up the sauna to save time for working. i have to go to grocery store both evenings, which She scolds me for: i have to plan ahead so that i need to buy groceries only twice a week.

W/we go to sleep early on both days. She has got used to using my services even during the night: “Put the lights on!” “Lights off!. i wake up at 5.15 and use the wee hours for Femdom literature i found on


Her period is late. i try to follow Her around, to be available as She may have some orders for me. But She says She’s fucked up with me, O/our relation is in crises during the evening. She doesn’t lead me, so i just warm up the sauna as kids are in the swimming hall.

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