Monday, 6 December 2010

Yes! - She's not pregnant!


Mistress’s period starts in the evening, W/we are happy again and D/s continues.

i wake up before 7am, have time for the net, epilating, making breakfast gruel. She accepts my breakfast serving, which wasn’t granted at that time. Finally i find out the proper they to brew green tea (the water must not be too hot, and the tea leaves must be removed after 5 minutes).

She wants a good quality shredder as Her birthday present, i have to find out the models and retailers, and She joins me to purchase it and do groceries shopping. She buys expensive pants for Herself.

At home i make a shrimps salad. She watches some tv shows as i remind Her of them, and then She wants to take a walk with me. After that Her period starts, and W/we feel so relieved. She already got so worried, She even said She was going nuts as She was crying yesterday. Now it’s all past!

i prepare a dinner of Her favorite brie-fig-salad and barbecue some sausages and corncobs according to Her wishes. After i have cleaned up ktichen W/we watch some Discovery channel together before starting a games evening, which She has decided about. W/we play board games till the night.

Before going to sleep i must do a workout, and as i kneel by the bed after that in my thong, She orders me to turn around on my knees. She watches my butt and – ‘Let’s go to sleep’.

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