Sunday, 30 January 2011

Preparing for Mistress's trip

The same morning hair removal chores are repeated each morning. i put a Band-Aid on an abrasion in my sissy clitty, caused by chafing of the cock cage. Today i know i have to work late and i am a little worried how i will endure in the cb.

It goes fine, and after a CEO meeting in the evening i get home and nearly right away to bed. Hoever, i have to right down my instructions for tomorrow, as Mistress and Her mom will leave for her place and i will be taking care of the kids.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Practising the countdown method

It’s a stressful day at work, i’m tense at i get back. i may eat and then Mistress orders me to chop some firewood to relax while warming up the sauna W/we eat some supper and then it’s sauna time, first the W/women (my mother-in-law staying with us) and then me.

Mistress did yesterday give me permission to masturbate without full orgasm, with a possibility of a ruined orgasm, for 2 minutes, and i am to use it while in the sauna bathroom. i may rehearse the “countdown” method, meaning Mistress counting down from 5 to 0 and an orgasm is possible also exactly at zero, if this short period of stroking is enough to get to the edge. The good points of this method is that a sissy cannot cum with so little stimulation unless she is really needy, especially if masturbation permit is given by surprise without any previous warmup, like MsRika describes in her book Uniquely yours.

i take a watch and place it before me. i kneel up, knees spread on the wet bathroom floor. i plan to divide the two minutes into 6 x 20 seconds. i start masturbating at even minute and start counting down from 20, second per number. As i reach 0 i am only little warmed up – i started accidentally counting up from 1, which does not work. i wait for 40 seconds and at the next even minute i start another 20 seconds of stroking.

During the third masturbation period i am nearing the edge, but as i am reaching 0 i hear someone approaching the bathroom door which cannot be locked and i squat. It’s Mistress, i show Her how i have positioned the watch and report my situation. She makes fun of me, remembering this permission, but forgetting other things. i say i was planning to save the last 3 times 20 seconds after water aerobics, to make it more challenging as cold water has shrunk and wrinkled genitals.

After full water workout i resume to stroking. On my knees, next even minute and back to rubbing a tiny shrivelled sissy clitty. 20,19,…,4,3,2,1,0 Now i get excited quickly. My mind is filled with an idea of a cuckold who is made to perform like this. Again 4o seconds break, 20 seconds wanking, i’m getting more quickly excited than in the beginning, is this training already bearing fruit? 40 seconds break and the last chance: 20,19,18… now i’m going to go all the way 8,7,6 i have to slow down a bit, as one of the rules is no cum showing before 0, no full orgasm. 4,3,2,1,0 i pull my hand quickly away at 0: no touching after 0, no cum showing before 0 – all that it leaves is a possibility for a ruined orgasm. i’m on the edge, cum is already on its way inside my body, but as stimulation ends at zero, it just leaks and dribbles out of sissy clitty without any spurts. The drops fall on the floor right under the clitty head. However the leakage continues for a long time, a number of spurts are replaced with a number of leaks.

Now i make myself look at the cum drops i have accomplished for 100 seconds, bend down and lick it up. As the floor is wet, i have to lick all around to make sure i get it all off and no slippery stain remains. By taste i can tell cum from water. Taste does not feel particularly bad any more, the texture resembles egg white. i go back and make sure it was not a full orgasm by stroking a bit more. i get instantly excited and hard again.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

a slave's morning bathroom duties

Like every morning i take my cb from a cupboard in the bedroom, put on my shirt, grab my clothes with my other hand and walk without pants to downstairs bathroom. There i pee, the last chance having been 12 hours before. If i drink as little coffee as possible, 12 hours can be achieved easily. i clean cat’s litter box and check that it has water and food. i wash my sissy clitty well, under the tap, by sitting in the sink facing away from the mirror and pulling clitty backwards under my thigh which i raise. i dry myself and start plucking hairs starting from the right side of my ball sac. Individual hairs can be located by viewing the ballsac against the bright white sink. i proceed to the base of penis, then over the ballsac to the left side. Finally i check the backside of the sac and pull out all visible hairs also there.

This time i also control the sissy pussy area. i take a big round hand mirror and place it under my butt as i raise my leg and place one foot on the surface by the sink. It looks completely hairless and nice, at least to my liking, and comparing it to what it looked like with long dark hair all around. It has been in peace for a long time, it doesn’t look violated or torn at all, it rather looks virginal. From experience i know, that though no hairs can be seen, of i randomly pluck by my pussy, tweezers catch and pull out some fair hairs, and so do they now. By bending over i can see into my crack with the mirror. My last crotch hair is preserved there, and i attack them now with tweezers, plucking until i can’t see any more.

Next i take my epilator (Braun Silk-Epil), and start epilating the hairless area to the right of my neat, small triangle of pubes. The hairless zone that i epilate continues to my upper thigh, i have kind of hair thigh highs. Epilator does not remove everything with one run. i have to epilate the same area again and again until i feel no pinching any more which means all appeared hairs have been pulled out.

i repeat the same on the left side, then lift my right leg up on the surface, and epilate to the right from ball sac, up till thigh joint, then perineum, sides of sissy pussy, and all the way till buttock, again going over the same area time and again until pinching reveals no more hairs. Next i reach around my back and epilate my right buttock. As the right side is ready i repeat the same on the left side, and finally i pull my balls tightly forward so that i see past perineum, and do the finishing touches with the epilator removing the last few hairs.

i raise my shirt up now, and epilate round my nipples, repeating that so many times that the epilator has grabbed all hair. At this stage my sissy clit is limp, and it is somehow wonderful to start greasing it. So great to know that as real men lubricate it for fucking, i lubricate it to insert it in the cock cage, and in the evening i may open the cb and find a small clitty that is striped and furrowed by the cb-2000 bars.

i take some basic skin cream, pull the foreskin back and grease the top side of clitty and its head, and sides. i continue by combing and doing my hair, and in the mean time my clitty gets limp again so that i can put on the a-ring. That makes it semihard again, so that i cannot force it in the cage. i shave, and after that clitty is soft again, and gets locked up now. Bare, oiled glans is now pressed tightly against the bars at the top of cb-2000. i try to check that the opening of urethra is not pressed against a bar. i have a standing order also to clear all hair away after my morning chores, and after that i move on to make breakfast. i prepare coffee for mother-in-law too. All O/others are still asleep, i put the coffee in a thermos for her. i forget to use my allowed two minutes to masturbate. The time allowance remains to be used later.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mother in law is happy for my new conduct

One more holiday

i woke up at 6am as some bird cried just like an alarm siren. i take laundry downstairs and run the washing machine right away. Mistress had ordered me to burn the rubbish in the fireplace in the morning. i do it right after epilating, putting on my cb, shaving and doing my hair. The same bird has woken Mistress up, and i hug Her. i ask what sort of breakfast She wants, i start making barley gruel and i get permission to fetch more firewood and the paper. i ask Her tea wish and serve tea before gruel.

She asks how much time i will need for cooking (W/we have guests coming over) the menu She has approved. i estimate two hours - where are many dishes. She wants U/us to go for a long walk first. Her chatting gets me again a painful erection that subsides As W/we get out.

As W/we get back i have to put shoes back on right away and take the garbage out. W/we both look for a recipe for a delicious fig salad She likes, and as i don’t find it at home or in the net i have to tailor my own version of it. i ask my Wife about the choice of nuts for the recipe, then prepare the salad, peel and cut carrots. Then my sister-in-law and her husband and my mother-in-law arrive, well ahead of time. my Wife has told me that the meal is served at 1pm and i have to use 1,5 hours to cook after they arrived. i greet the guests and get back to kitchen, until i announce that the food is ready. Chicken korma, naan bread (ready made this time), brie-fig salad, vegetables, and a “warm fruit salad” for dessert. i get praised for my cooking. my Wife has never been interested in cooking, and i suppose this is the best meal they have got at O/our place.

i gather the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, then i prepare coffee and finish up the chocolate cake, arrange the biscuits, lay the table again, and join the guests for a brief moment. Then W/we play a little board game with the kids, i serve the coffee. My cake is very popular, i have to share my recipe with the lady guests. My sister in law leaves, mother-in-law stays for the rest of the week.

In the evening i ask Mistress, with her Mom preset, if there is anything more for me to do. ‘You could do some raking’. i leave immediately outside, and return only as She calls for me, after an hour, as there sure is raking to do. Mother-in-law has been fascinated.

In the night i get a prize for good service: i may masturbate tomorrow for 2 minutes. i will have to also change for the middle sized a-ring, as i can still pull out. i may try to sleep with this a –ring on, but it’s not possible, i wake up during the night and remove it.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Unauthorized stroking and a punishment


24 have gone, this is the next time i’m writing, i’m in a toilet. It’s my first toilet visit after morning. i need only two daily visits to toilet any more, but i have to be able to do the “number two” also one of those times, forcing myself. This time i manage it easily. Peing feels a little “restricted” again, due to some swelling inside the cock cage.

Yesterday my break was ended by an order to empty the dishwasher, and then i prepared some texmex pizza for supper. i warmed up sauna and i did full pool exercises. After sauna i joined Mistress and Mats watching Survivors, but i had to peel garlic for Mistress’s chili garlic marinade the whole time.

After kids have gone to bed i remark that like the lust for candies has faded, so has the lust for masturbation. In the sauna, i would have a rare chance to steal a few strokes, but i didn’t. Mistress gives me half an hour net time, “but no stroking”. Somehow that “half an hour” and “no stroking” were not understood by me, and i read (a blog i now find unfortunately abandoned) for an hour and even masturbated to it as i had a day off from cb after sauna. i had enough self control not to cum, though.

As i reported to Mistress the communications breakdown became clear. i had to put the eletric training collar around my neck, and i had to try to explain in the rhythm of electric shocks. i think She used the greatest setting now for the first time, or at least i could help crying out because of the biggest shocks. Then She ordered me to change the sheets motivated with more shocks – they really made me try my best! i got back to Her good books soon, and the same night i was allowed to lie on top of Her and pretend to be fucking Her with my briefs on. Then She ordered me to sleep.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A new idea for an escape free chastity

i wake up already at 6.30, before the alarm, after 7 hours of sleep. Mistress expressly denied the use of the laptop yesterday, so i just epilate and pluck, put some cream on my clitty, and as it shrinks back after an initial puff, i put the a-ring on, a rubber band behind clitty head, and after a little wait during which it becomes limp again, i push it inside the cage and lock it on. Now i have become accustomed to caging myself, and it doesn’t consume much extra time while epilating, only fishing the rubber loop from inside the cage takes time. However, i notice to my dismay that my other ball is not inside the a-ring. Again. i have to be more careful!

i come up with a complete solution to the cb pullout problem: the rubber band that is tied to a knot, one loop is slid behind the clitty head, and the other can be locked with a small lock to the top of the cock cage: one can still pull out, even though the rubber band makes it more difficult, but as the rubber band is locked to the cb, it cannot be removed, refitted on clitty and clitty pushed back into the cage. The mischief would be revealed, as the rubber band would not be in its rightful place. This is much similar to the improvement to the cb MsRika has suggested. She has suggested locking one of the plastic locks that come with the cb, around the clitty, in the same place where i used the rubber band. i have tried that as well, but didn’t manage to get the plastic lock on its place. This rubber band improvement is necessary only if i am alone and undisturbed for a long time, and without risk of being checked on, as it is possible to put a pulled out clitty back inside the cage only completely limp, and it takes a lot of time. Even ice cubes don’t help me get it limp.

i do the prescribed chores, get the paper, eat my own breakfast, change the chainsaw chain, and as She still sleeps, i go out to saw at 9.00. The new chain works miracles. At 9.15 She appears on the balcony. She says i have forgotten the standing rule that She has to be woken at 9. She is however content, that i have done everything She ordered yesterday evening. i tell Her about the rubber band idea. She orders that it will not be used, as it will take up too much precious morning time. i tell Her also about the problem with my other ball, She says i will not fix that today, to experiment.

She lets me continue until She orders me to drive U/us to town. i manage to cut all trunks to pieces and take them to firewood chopping place. i may plan the route, She tells me the stops. W/we talk about candy addiction. my clitty tries to get hard as i say that i used to eat a lot of candy, but now i have not got any for a long time, and the same applies to masturbation: only the supervised masturbation after O/our lovemaking. She says that i am like castrated, a gelding.

At home i start making shrimp korma. i suggest W/we would eat leftovers for lunch. Mistress: “The potatoes are so old, no one eats them any more”. i point at my belly: ‘i don’t LIKE to eat them, but i feel i am supposed to act as a waste sack’ She gets delighted for me having this sort of overall attitude, which includes eating waste, and She lets me eat them. Korma is good, i clean the kitchen and wash the kettles as O/other eat. Then i may prepare coffee and tea for Her. As i drink it, i mark her favorite shows and documents in tv guide, and then i prepare a chocolate cake for tomorrow.

Next is a long period of outdoor chores, during which She uses me as a helping hand as She prepares a hotbed for strawberries in the garden. It’s heavy work, digging, moving boards, nailing. i am anyway meek and obey my Mistress, who clearly takes a tighter grip on me, and enjoys it. She tells me She’s happy to have me, and says i may in the future have to serve her in a different outfit each day. i don’t ask for breaks before 5pm, when the hotbed is ready. i clear the tools and W/we return inside. She gives me an hour break “before the heavier work begins”. She also orders a glass of wine for the both of U/us. i note to her that the heavy work had the affect that i had no problems with hard-ons. i say i like to use the break for updating my diary and She’s happy with that. i write until here.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A painful exam

In the morning i shower, epilate, pluck ball hairs and put cb on with middle locking pin. i consider attaching the cb to my body with chains, around the waist and through the legs. Has anybody done that - could make pulling out impossible?

Mistress welcomes me at the door as i get back home from work, opens my buttons and removes my shirt immediately, rubs me and sends me to change clothes and eat. Later She orders me to wash Her removed tyres, and spread fertilizers for the kitchen garden and fruit trees. Lina is at her grandmother’s, i take Mats to his swimming, and W/we are alone.

As i get home She first makes me change a pair of curtains, then lower all blinds and strip naked, slave naked, except for the cb. i report to Her, She’s sitting in the kitchen and after looking at me a while She orders me to put on a lacy apron. my penis tries to extend but meets the biting points. i have big trouble controlling my erection, the points hurt so i am bent double. Then i seize control of it and the rest of the time it just oozes precum. It means the first thing my body learned from the use of cb is to ooze precum with a limp penis.

She orders me to clean kitchen thoroughly – it was shabby after the week. She wants a glass of wine, and then sends me to fetch the electric training collar – risking my bare ass being seen through some of the windows were W/We don’t have blinds. With the training collar around my genitals She decides i will have to simultaneously plan with Her menu for guests who are visiting over the weekend and learn body parts in Spanish. Finally She will give me an exam, and mistakes will mean shocks. She decides on a longish menu for Sunday, i look for recipes, update the shopping list and glance at the word list at the same time. As the shopping list is ready She starts going through the word list with me. i don’t remember the word “toe” , a big shock follows. “Cheek” and another word go a bit wrong – wrong gender etc. – and i get smaller shocks for them.

i have to hurry to replace the collar and start preparing supper before i have to leave to pick up Mats. i put on my clothes hastily.

W/we eat, She informs me that i will be using the cb also during the weekend, but i may not disturb Her with that in the morning – i keep the cb in the bedroom during the night, and She referred to one morning as i dropped the lock on the floor as i left the bedroom to start my morning chores. i will also use alarm to wake me up early on weekend mornings. As i am already drifting to sleep, Mistress points out that i am not allowed to use my laptop in the morning, but prepare a gruel using a multi-grain cereal, put the washed tyres into the shed, change the chain for the chain-saw and start sawing.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Timing my orgasm

** sorry for not updating my blog for a few days, i got a flu that took all my strength away**


I wake up after a nice long sleep at 5.50. Plucking, cb-2000 on with difficulties (lubing my genitals excites). i try out a new improvement to cb safety. i tie a small rubber band in a knot in the middle so that it forms two loops, and put the other loop behind penis head. Then i stuff penis in the cock cage, and using tweezers, and tie the other band loop around the bars at the end of cb. The idea is that this would prevent quickly pulling out and pushing back in.

As i have the cb on, i am allowed to go and view D/s netsites until it is time epilate (with cb on), do rest of the morning chores and then back to the laptop with my breakfast. No one else is awake yet. i find some nice blogs written by dominant women, an old abandoned little blog where the husband puts daily fragrance and lube to his asshole in case his Wife would fuck him with a strap-on. Then i found in which the wife is submissive to black guys and dominates Her husband, who is sometimes allowed to watch with a raging erection is the black men fuck his Wife. Now i get a painful erection myself, i try to shuffle the cb to move the points a bit. It helps.

During the day i notice that the lock on the cb clicks nicely against the cb when walking. It’s nice that the cb-2000 allows a little tumescence before the points start to bite. A semierection, n which the cage compresses the penis from all directions, is actually quite nice. When penis is flaccid, during the working hours, you barely notice the belt, especially, if the foreskin slides on the penis head like it did today.

i have another of my evening meetings and reach home after 6. Clothes, food, i get Mats to burn some branches that Mistress has cut from bushes.

W/we go with Mistress, Lina and her friend Mona to play tea party in the playhouse. Then Mistress makes a tour in the garden with me, makes me collect nettles to make food out of them, nettles pasta. As i work in the kitchen She fondles me from behind, bangs Her loins against my butt.

After supper She goes to but Lina to bed and i slip to my laptop, and get caught. i get a standing order that i must go to Mistress after having finished each chore.

Then upstairs, after brushing teeth i remove the cock cage. The loop is still in place, but it is not escape-free that way. i get the middle sized locking pin for the morning, i’m still experimenting. i do the abdominals and push ups on the floor until She joins me and sits on my shoulders. She orders me t get the skin cream and settles on the bed and orders me to apply the cream. As i’m working She turns and sees i’m using a very greasy cream. Now her back feels sticky. i must change the cream and grease Her breasts, belly and legs.

Completely as a surprise She now orders me to lock the door, dresses herself in a waist corset nd stockings as i wait on my knees. She settles on the bed on all fours, and sticks Her wonderful butt to my face, ordering me to lick it. i may kiss the buttocks, and shove my nose next to Her asshole and lick Her clit, lick and lick as She utters sounds that show She is having a good time.

Next She orders me to remove my thong, get a condom and get on my knees before Her as She sits on the bed. i may push in and out while gently kissing Her neck. She orders me on my back, rides me more forcefully. Then doggy style, but “stop, it hurts”. From behind on my side, trying different angles, until W/we finally find the right position, but my own pose is so awkward that She cums, i don’t.

After Her orgasm i ask Her if She could teach me the countdown method to time my orgasm. She says ‘Yes, but on my terms’. i will lie on my back, masturbate the condom-clad penis with my right hand, pushes my penis with Her foot, and starts counting down from 10, but so slowly and without a steady rhythm. After ‘5’ She doesn’t continue for tens of seconds, and i must ask permission to stop or cum. She orders me to stop and the chance for an orgasm, just an arm’s length way, is taken away for an unknown time.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Masturbation on command

i wake up at 6, epilating and cb on. In the middle of putting the cb on Mistress walks into the bathroom. my erection is quite hard at that moment. She orders me to masturbate twice into the sink. She watches it for a while and walks away. because the a-ring was already in place, penis gets rock hard, veins full and rubbing it hurts. So i put lube (skin cream) on penis head and start massaging it inside my fist. i manage to get strong ruined orgasm, with a few squirts of cum, and soon another, causing one extra squirt. A moment ago i could not have pictured me masturbating into the sink, but this shows the randomness of a slave’s life at its best. i forgot to mention that i tried to pull out from the cb the day before as a test, and i thought about the possibility to escape from the cb to get my penis limp for a moment – and succeeded confining it in the cage. Am i weird? Huh?

A late morning schedule, i have time to get the paper for Her and make the bed. i get to eat potato loaf bread as it seems no-one else likes it. Mistress makes me always eat everything no-one else likes.

During the day no problems with cb, peeing again easily. Problems the first day seem (and were) an exception, due to extra excitement. i try to pee only once during the day, for better hygiene. Today i pee only at 4pm.

i have a board meeting which gives me a lot of stress after hours and as i get home at 7.30, i am a bit as if in a drowse. Mistress puts me right away to prepare rice porridge and do the dishes. After W/we have eaten i prepare chili con carne for tomorrow. Then She leads U/us early to bed. She thinks i am so listless She brushes my teeth and puts grease in my ears, finger fucks them. i open up the bed for Her and then i must have fallen asleep.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The chastity regime is formed

At night i wake up after 2am. Attempt of nocturnal erection hurts both because of the poi and behind the balls. Mistress wakes up and says it’s ok to remove the cb.

My wake up time is 5.30am, but i can get up only 10 minutes later. i take the cb with me, epilate, put moisturizing cream on my penis (also penis head) as drying has also seemed a problem. After waiting a rather long time i get limp and greased penis slips all the way in the cage, touching the end grill. i make breakfast and do some net surfing in the cb – no erection.

i have a seminar day, and it goes extremely well with middle sized point and second largest a-ring. My penis head that is not used to being bare sends sensations of touch at times and peeing goes OK sitting down.

Next i have to go to grocery store and start preparing salmon-mozzarella bundles for Mistress. For my plate i gather old pasta and remains of fajitas fillings. i wait until Mistress has got Her plate, fresh salad (i have taken dried parts on my plate), and served her the drink and drawn Her chair, and sit down to eat only then.

i may warm up the sauna. Key to the cb is in the bedroom, as i go to sauna i use the key and remove the cb. In the sauna i do full water exercises. Mistress orders me to massage Her shoulders in the hot sauna.

After sauna i don’t have to replace the cb. Skin has worn at the base of penis. She tests my Spanish and orders me a punishment as i make five mistakes. For punishment She brushes my penis and penis head (i can’t bear it, i pull back) with my toothbrush. In the bedroom i lift weights and do abdominals, then to bed.

W/we don’t try using the cb-2000 at night any more, as Mistress doesn’t want to risk me disturbing Her sleeping any way. So in the future i remove the cb for bed and put it on in each morning. This is still today the way She wants it, and it is in practise effective chastity also that way.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

my first working day wearing chastity belt

i wake up at 5.30am so that i could spend some time in the net, but i cannot get up right away, which cuts my net time short. At 6am i must start epilating, and after eating i start putting the cb on. A small semierection threatens as i install the biggest ring, the longest locking pin and the smallest points of intrigue. Anyway, i fit my penis in the cage foreskin drawn back, and press the cage in place, compressing penis with the cage until i can lock myself up. Ah, how submissive a penis looks in a cb-2000, especially with epilated pubic hair. Excellent.

The working day in a chastity belt goes without problems. Foreskin stays back. Sometimes feeling the cage with my penis head reminds me of my situation. But then, as i have to go to the toilet to poo, i get a semierection and as i try to pee, my urethra is first completely blocked and then i manage only a thin, high pressure stream. In the afternoon i notice one of my balls is no longer in its place. It has escaped outside the a-ring and i cannot do anything about it. However it is not painful.

i report at home at 6pm. Mistress kisses me on the mouth, bending me backwards until i’m under Her.
-Change clothes, eat!
i eat hastily one tortilla. i tell Her about the ball problem, She doesn’t order me to fix it so i don’t. Then She ushers me out, She directs me to fill the garbage can as it’s going to be emptied tomorrow. Then She starts grafting plumes, using me as a stupid apprentice. Neighbours come to chat with U/us. They notice fot the first time the sign hanging in my neck, a crude silver plate saying “Reserved”. i try to joke about it. Then She orders me to take the branches in the house. There i pile the clean laundry.

She goes out again, i have to follow Her out to report to Her. She tells me i’m an idiot - She had given me an order to reclean the toilets Lina used while she was sick, but i have not understood or heard the order. i scurry in to clean them, and then i feel my other ball escaping. The largest a-ring is obviously too large for me! i get the next smaller a-ring, but my penis is like a flag pole after the erection is possible. i get an ice pack. It doesn’t help. Finally i get the middle points of intrigue, a long locking pin and second biggest a-ring, and get another erection as the a-ring is fitted. i hear Mistress coming in, a fear of Her wrath makes my penis go soft now, and i can snap the lock closed.

Next i make some gruel for supper. Mistress starts watching tv, orders a glass of water, which i bring to Her, and get back to kitchen to clean it up during the rest of the show. i wash kettles, fill and switch on the dishwasher. i continue planning the menu further for next days. i present my menu proposal to Mistress, who does some changes to it, and i make a shopping list for myself.

As kids have gone to sleep i serve Mistress on my knees as She sits on the sofa, and i get a painful semierection. She makes me peel Her a mandarin and bring it to Her upstairs. She still uses me as errand boy, putting Her magazins in place etc.

This is my own crotch, a new pic
In the bed (me kneeling by the bed) She decides i try to wear the chastity belt also during the night, as the day at work went so well. Then She orders me on my belly on the bed, knees on the floor, and She bites my buttock painfully, so cruelly i cry and start sobbing, even though i bite the blanket and my penis hurts like hell too as it tries to swell. Even seeing Her in a nighty make my penis try to swell and the points dig into its base, but She even makes me kiss Her naked butt as She lies on Her belly on the bed. She wants to test my endurance, to see if i ask the cb to be removed for the night. i go to sleep with the belt.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Another busy Sunday

i wake up with my Wife. i may creep under Her blanket and join Her Wonderful Femininity, caress Her, lie on top of Her and hump Her in my undies. i tell Her the penis ring is causing a big erection, She feels its pulsating veins. i may continue humping Her. She orders me on my side and takes my penis between Her (lower) legs. It’s top satisfying moment – then She’s had enough of that and send me to make breakfast. Sandwich for Her, rice porridge for others. As i have made tea and the sandwich, got the paper for Her, and the porridge is cooking, i get permission to epilate my crotch. As also the kitchen is clean again, i sit down to have my own breakfast.

At 9am Mistress informs in Lina’s presence – ‘you may go to the gym now’. i have my gym bag ready so i’m out in a minute and spend the next hour in the gym.

Back at home, Mistress wants the storage room cleaned. There’s a lot of stuff archived there. She sits by a table, i bring Her stuff and She divides it to garbage and hold-on-to piles, i stuff the garbage into different trash bags.

Next i prepare a fajitas lunch, clear up afterwards, maintain fire in the fireplace, bring Her tea, make coffee for myself, and prepare chocolate mousse for dessert. As i get back to the storage room, She’s already angry: - ‘Where did you dawdle?’ i finish bagging the garbage, She decides what happens to the stuff that remains and i must also wash the storage room floor in just my briefsand vacuum the whole basement before W/we eat the mousse. Then She orders me to do pool maintenance, clear up the mop and detergents and take the garbage to my car.

i find Mistress and report to Her, She hints (does not order as Lina has been wondering to Her the commanding style She uses on me) that i will now go out in a rain and empty the boat. Next it’s warming up sauna, and preparing dinner by warming up stuff. Again i clear everything up afterwards, put on dishwasher. In the sauna i get exemption from pool exercises as i have been to the gym already (Lina hears She give me this permission). At some point She praises me for working hard!

Later in the evening W/we are watching tv as kids are in bed, me in my briefs and sleeveless tight shirt, kneeling by the coffee table, and as She walks by, She presses my belly against the table, takes down my briefs and bites my buttock long and so hard, grinding Her teeth into it. i don’t cry out, though the pain is excruciating. She goes to bed, i may watch the rest of the show. As i get to bed, She’s not asleep and tells me i will put the cb on for the whole next day also (at work).

Saturday, 1 January 2011

What a real slave has to do


At 4am Lina comes into O/our bedroom. She has been throwing up, a stomach disease coming up. Mistress goes to check out her room, then gets me, suggests W/we clean it up together. i offer to clear it up myself, She immediately agrees to that, just telling me how to do it.

She had walked from her room throwing up into the bathroom. From 4am to 6am i clean up vomit from the floor, from a few carpets, from some walls, from her door, from the sink and from cupboard doors. i have to unscrew the doorsill as there’s vomit under it. The floor is made of boards, and i have to remove vomit from chinks between the boards with the screwdriver. At 6am i can finally put the dirty textiles into the washing machine, wash the cleaning equipment and the long rubber gloves i used and the places i touched with them. Mistress has not got back to sleep and She rises up also. i make breakfast and get Her the paper.

As Mistress reads the paper i program alarms for Her favorite tv shows using the new weekly tv guide and prepare a menu according to Her wishes. She decides that W/we go cycling next, ride to the town, go to a café, purchase some food and wine.

After getting home i have to sharpen the chain saw thoroughly (45 minutes), prepare lunch, clean up afterwards, prepare coffee and tea, empty the washing machine, run the dishwasher, and saw and chop firewood until i am exhausted, and rake a big part of lawn after that. It’s enjoyable to get so many things done in a day and be useful to your Master.

Next i may start preparing a special dinner – W/we have lobster and asparagus. i cook the lobster and make a lobster salad. However, Mats wants the lobster to be served as a whole, like in Donald Duck. Afterwards i clear everything up.

In the evening W/we watch two episodes of Survivors, i prepare semolina gruel according to Lina’s wish, and do some net surfing while O/others watch tv. In the night i have to sleep without my sleeveless shirt as a punishment for the net surfing.