Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Another busy Sunday

i wake up with my Wife. i may creep under Her blanket and join Her Wonderful Femininity, caress Her, lie on top of Her and hump Her in my undies. i tell Her the penis ring is causing a big erection, She feels its pulsating veins. i may continue humping Her. She orders me on my side and takes my penis between Her (lower) legs. It’s top satisfying moment – then She’s had enough of that and send me to make breakfast. Sandwich for Her, rice porridge for others. As i have made tea and the sandwich, got the paper for Her, and the porridge is cooking, i get permission to epilate my crotch. As also the kitchen is clean again, i sit down to have my own breakfast.

At 9am Mistress informs in Lina’s presence – ‘you may go to the gym now’. i have my gym bag ready so i’m out in a minute and spend the next hour in the gym.

Back at home, Mistress wants the storage room cleaned. There’s a lot of stuff archived there. She sits by a table, i bring Her stuff and She divides it to garbage and hold-on-to piles, i stuff the garbage into different trash bags.

Next i prepare a fajitas lunch, clear up afterwards, maintain fire in the fireplace, bring Her tea, make coffee for myself, and prepare chocolate mousse for dessert. As i get back to the storage room, She’s already angry: - ‘Where did you dawdle?’ i finish bagging the garbage, She decides what happens to the stuff that remains and i must also wash the storage room floor in just my briefsand vacuum the whole basement before W/we eat the mousse. Then She orders me to do pool maintenance, clear up the mop and detergents and take the garbage to my car.

i find Mistress and report to Her, She hints (does not order as Lina has been wondering to Her the commanding style She uses on me) that i will now go out in a rain and empty the boat. Next it’s warming up sauna, and preparing dinner by warming up stuff. Again i clear everything up afterwards, put on dishwasher. In the sauna i get exemption from pool exercises as i have been to the gym already (Lina hears She give me this permission). At some point She praises me for working hard!

Later in the evening W/we are watching tv as kids are in bed, me in my briefs and sleeveless tight shirt, kneeling by the coffee table, and as She walks by, She presses my belly against the table, takes down my briefs and bites my buttock long and so hard, grinding Her teeth into it. i don’t cry out, though the pain is excruciating. She goes to bed, i may watch the rest of the show. As i get to bed, She’s not asleep and tells me i will put the cb on for the whole next day also (at work).


  1. I suppose Lina now must be used to the way your Mistress gives you orders or permission.

    Perhaps soon she will treat you the same way.

  2. It’s a good thing that your Wife has by now informed Lina about who’s making the decisions in your family, as
    a) There is no longer any discrepancy between what she observes and what she’s told
    b) She now knows there’s no need for her to get your permission to do things if she’s got your Wife’s OK
    c) She can grow in her own dominance with your wife as a role model
    It’s obvious you no longer hold any authority over Lina, and like Appy I wonder if some day she will hold authority over you.

  3. Yes appy, Lina is used to that now... And tries to give me commands sometimes, not often... But i'm not her slave and don't obey them like Mistress's commands. i sometimes obey them, but let her know i don't have to.

    ritemate, i agree completely with a), b) and c)

    As you seem to be so interested in Lina's development, according to Mistress's idea we have later made a one week trip, just Lina and me, and we pretty much spent the time like she wanted it. (No kink of course). She dived a lot as i did exercises in water etc.

    She has now taken it up that she would like to redo it this year. She must have liked it a lot!