Sunday, 9 January 2011

The chastity regime is formed

At night i wake up after 2am. Attempt of nocturnal erection hurts both because of the poi and behind the balls. Mistress wakes up and says it’s ok to remove the cb.

My wake up time is 5.30am, but i can get up only 10 minutes later. i take the cb with me, epilate, put moisturizing cream on my penis (also penis head) as drying has also seemed a problem. After waiting a rather long time i get limp and greased penis slips all the way in the cage, touching the end grill. i make breakfast and do some net surfing in the cb – no erection.

i have a seminar day, and it goes extremely well with middle sized point and second largest a-ring. My penis head that is not used to being bare sends sensations of touch at times and peeing goes OK sitting down.

Next i have to go to grocery store and start preparing salmon-mozzarella bundles for Mistress. For my plate i gather old pasta and remains of fajitas fillings. i wait until Mistress has got Her plate, fresh salad (i have taken dried parts on my plate), and served her the drink and drawn Her chair, and sit down to eat only then.

i may warm up the sauna. Key to the cb is in the bedroom, as i go to sauna i use the key and remove the cb. In the sauna i do full water exercises. Mistress orders me to massage Her shoulders in the hot sauna.

After sauna i don’t have to replace the cb. Skin has worn at the base of penis. She tests my Spanish and orders me a punishment as i make five mistakes. For punishment She brushes my penis and penis head (i can’t bear it, i pull back) with my toothbrush. In the bedroom i lift weights and do abdominals, then to bed.

W/we don’t try using the cb-2000 at night any more, as Mistress doesn’t want to risk me disturbing Her sleeping any way. So in the future i remove the cb for bed and put it on in each morning. This is still today the way She wants it, and it is in practise effective chastity also that way.


  1. Good luck with the Spanish!


  2. Oh yes, we have (also) that one in common...