Monday, 10 January 2011

Masturbation on command

i wake up at 6, epilating and cb on. In the middle of putting the cb on Mistress walks into the bathroom. my erection is quite hard at that moment. She orders me to masturbate twice into the sink. She watches it for a while and walks away. because the a-ring was already in place, penis gets rock hard, veins full and rubbing it hurts. So i put lube (skin cream) on penis head and start massaging it inside my fist. i manage to get strong ruined orgasm, with a few squirts of cum, and soon another, causing one extra squirt. A moment ago i could not have pictured me masturbating into the sink, but this shows the randomness of a slave’s life at its best. i forgot to mention that i tried to pull out from the cb the day before as a test, and i thought about the possibility to escape from the cb to get my penis limp for a moment – and succeeded confining it in the cage. Am i weird? Huh?

A late morning schedule, i have time to get the paper for Her and make the bed. i get to eat potato loaf bread as it seems no-one else likes it. Mistress makes me always eat everything no-one else likes.

During the day no problems with cb, peeing again easily. Problems the first day seem (and were) an exception, due to extra excitement. i try to pee only once during the day, for better hygiene. Today i pee only at 4pm.

i have a board meeting which gives me a lot of stress after hours and as i get home at 7.30, i am a bit as if in a drowse. Mistress puts me right away to prepare rice porridge and do the dishes. After W/we have eaten i prepare chili con carne for tomorrow. Then She leads U/us early to bed. She thinks i am so listless She brushes my teeth and puts grease in my ears, finger fucks them. i open up the bed for Her and then i must have fallen asleep.

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