Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mother in law is happy for my new conduct

One more holiday

i woke up at 6am as some bird cried just like an alarm siren. i take laundry downstairs and run the washing machine right away. Mistress had ordered me to burn the rubbish in the fireplace in the morning. i do it right after epilating, putting on my cb, shaving and doing my hair. The same bird has woken Mistress up, and i hug Her. i ask what sort of breakfast She wants, i start making barley gruel and i get permission to fetch more firewood and the paper. i ask Her tea wish and serve tea before gruel.

She asks how much time i will need for cooking (W/we have guests coming over) the menu She has approved. i estimate two hours - where are many dishes. She wants U/us to go for a long walk first. Her chatting gets me again a painful erection that subsides As W/we get out.

As W/we get back i have to put shoes back on right away and take the garbage out. W/we both look for a recipe for a delicious fig salad She likes, and as i don’t find it at home or in the net i have to tailor my own version of it. i ask my Wife about the choice of nuts for the recipe, then prepare the salad, peel and cut carrots. Then my sister-in-law and her husband and my mother-in-law arrive, well ahead of time. my Wife has told me that the meal is served at 1pm and i have to use 1,5 hours to cook after they arrived. i greet the guests and get back to kitchen, until i announce that the food is ready. Chicken korma, naan bread (ready made this time), brie-fig salad, vegetables, and a “warm fruit salad” for dessert. i get praised for my cooking. my Wife has never been interested in cooking, and i suppose this is the best meal they have got at O/our place.

i gather the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, then i prepare coffee and finish up the chocolate cake, arrange the biscuits, lay the table again, and join the guests for a brief moment. Then W/we play a little board game with the kids, i serve the coffee. My cake is very popular, i have to share my recipe with the lady guests. My sister in law leaves, mother-in-law stays for the rest of the week.

In the evening i ask Mistress, with her Mom preset, if there is anything more for me to do. ‘You could do some raking’. i leave immediately outside, and return only as She calls for me, after an hour, as there sure is raking to do. Mother-in-law has been fascinated.

In the night i get a prize for good service: i may masturbate tomorrow for 2 minutes. i will have to also change for the middle sized a-ring, as i can still pull out. i may try to sleep with this a –ring on, but it’s not possible, i wake up during the night and remove it.

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