Thursday, 6 January 2011

my first working day wearing chastity belt

i wake up at 5.30am so that i could spend some time in the net, but i cannot get up right away, which cuts my net time short. At 6am i must start epilating, and after eating i start putting the cb on. A small semierection threatens as i install the biggest ring, the longest locking pin and the smallest points of intrigue. Anyway, i fit my penis in the cage foreskin drawn back, and press the cage in place, compressing penis with the cage until i can lock myself up. Ah, how submissive a penis looks in a cb-2000, especially with epilated pubic hair. Excellent.

The working day in a chastity belt goes without problems. Foreskin stays back. Sometimes feeling the cage with my penis head reminds me of my situation. But then, as i have to go to the toilet to poo, i get a semierection and as i try to pee, my urethra is first completely blocked and then i manage only a thin, high pressure stream. In the afternoon i notice one of my balls is no longer in its place. It has escaped outside the a-ring and i cannot do anything about it. However it is not painful.

i report at home at 6pm. Mistress kisses me on the mouth, bending me backwards until i’m under Her.
-Change clothes, eat!
i eat hastily one tortilla. i tell Her about the ball problem, She doesn’t order me to fix it so i don’t. Then She ushers me out, She directs me to fill the garbage can as it’s going to be emptied tomorrow. Then She starts grafting plumes, using me as a stupid apprentice. Neighbours come to chat with U/us. They notice fot the first time the sign hanging in my neck, a crude silver plate saying “Reserved”. i try to joke about it. Then She orders me to take the branches in the house. There i pile the clean laundry.

She goes out again, i have to follow Her out to report to Her. She tells me i’m an idiot - She had given me an order to reclean the toilets Lina used while she was sick, but i have not understood or heard the order. i scurry in to clean them, and then i feel my other ball escaping. The largest a-ring is obviously too large for me! i get the next smaller a-ring, but my penis is like a flag pole after the erection is possible. i get an ice pack. It doesn’t help. Finally i get the middle points of intrigue, a long locking pin and second biggest a-ring, and get another erection as the a-ring is fitted. i hear Mistress coming in, a fear of Her wrath makes my penis go soft now, and i can snap the lock closed.

Next i make some gruel for supper. Mistress starts watching tv, orders a glass of water, which i bring to Her, and get back to kitchen to clean it up during the rest of the show. i wash kettles, fill and switch on the dishwasher. i continue planning the menu further for next days. i present my menu proposal to Mistress, who does some changes to it, and i make a shopping list for myself.

As kids have gone to sleep i serve Mistress on my knees as She sits on the sofa, and i get a painful semierection. She makes me peel Her a mandarin and bring it to Her upstairs. She still uses me as errand boy, putting Her magazins in place etc.

This is my own crotch, a new pic
In the bed (me kneeling by the bed) She decides i try to wear the chastity belt also during the night, as the day at work went so well. Then She orders me on my belly on the bed, knees on the floor, and She bites my buttock painfully, so cruelly i cry and start sobbing, even though i bite the blanket and my penis hurts like hell too as it tries to swell. Even seeing Her in a nighty make my penis try to swell and the points dig into its base, but She even makes me kiss Her naked butt as She lies on Her belly on the bed. She wants to test my endurance, to see if i ask the cb to be removed for the night. i go to sleep with the belt.

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