Saturday, 22 January 2011

A new idea for an escape free chastity

i wake up already at 6.30, before the alarm, after 7 hours of sleep. Mistress expressly denied the use of the laptop yesterday, so i just epilate and pluck, put some cream on my clitty, and as it shrinks back after an initial puff, i put the a-ring on, a rubber band behind clitty head, and after a little wait during which it becomes limp again, i push it inside the cage and lock it on. Now i have become accustomed to caging myself, and it doesn’t consume much extra time while epilating, only fishing the rubber loop from inside the cage takes time. However, i notice to my dismay that my other ball is not inside the a-ring. Again. i have to be more careful!

i come up with a complete solution to the cb pullout problem: the rubber band that is tied to a knot, one loop is slid behind the clitty head, and the other can be locked with a small lock to the top of the cock cage: one can still pull out, even though the rubber band makes it more difficult, but as the rubber band is locked to the cb, it cannot be removed, refitted on clitty and clitty pushed back into the cage. The mischief would be revealed, as the rubber band would not be in its rightful place. This is much similar to the improvement to the cb MsRika has suggested. She has suggested locking one of the plastic locks that come with the cb, around the clitty, in the same place where i used the rubber band. i have tried that as well, but didn’t manage to get the plastic lock on its place. This rubber band improvement is necessary only if i am alone and undisturbed for a long time, and without risk of being checked on, as it is possible to put a pulled out clitty back inside the cage only completely limp, and it takes a lot of time. Even ice cubes don’t help me get it limp.

i do the prescribed chores, get the paper, eat my own breakfast, change the chainsaw chain, and as She still sleeps, i go out to saw at 9.00. The new chain works miracles. At 9.15 She appears on the balcony. She says i have forgotten the standing rule that She has to be woken at 9. She is however content, that i have done everything She ordered yesterday evening. i tell Her about the rubber band idea. She orders that it will not be used, as it will take up too much precious morning time. i tell Her also about the problem with my other ball, She says i will not fix that today, to experiment.

She lets me continue until She orders me to drive U/us to town. i manage to cut all trunks to pieces and take them to firewood chopping place. i may plan the route, She tells me the stops. W/we talk about candy addiction. my clitty tries to get hard as i say that i used to eat a lot of candy, but now i have not got any for a long time, and the same applies to masturbation: only the supervised masturbation after O/our lovemaking. She says that i am like castrated, a gelding.

At home i start making shrimp korma. i suggest W/we would eat leftovers for lunch. Mistress: “The potatoes are so old, no one eats them any more”. i point at my belly: ‘i don’t LIKE to eat them, but i feel i am supposed to act as a waste sack’ She gets delighted for me having this sort of overall attitude, which includes eating waste, and She lets me eat them. Korma is good, i clean the kitchen and wash the kettles as O/other eat. Then i may prepare coffee and tea for Her. As i drink it, i mark her favorite shows and documents in tv guide, and then i prepare a chocolate cake for tomorrow.

Next is a long period of outdoor chores, during which She uses me as a helping hand as She prepares a hotbed for strawberries in the garden. It’s heavy work, digging, moving boards, nailing. i am anyway meek and obey my Mistress, who clearly takes a tighter grip on me, and enjoys it. She tells me She’s happy to have me, and says i may in the future have to serve her in a different outfit each day. i don’t ask for breaks before 5pm, when the hotbed is ready. i clear the tools and W/we return inside. She gives me an hour break “before the heavier work begins”. She also orders a glass of wine for the both of U/us. i note to her that the heavy work had the affect that i had no problems with hard-ons. i say i like to use the break for updating my diary and She’s happy with that. i write until here.

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