Sunday, 16 January 2011

A painful exam

In the morning i shower, epilate, pluck ball hairs and put cb on with middle locking pin. i consider attaching the cb to my body with chains, around the waist and through the legs. Has anybody done that - could make pulling out impossible?

Mistress welcomes me at the door as i get back home from work, opens my buttons and removes my shirt immediately, rubs me and sends me to change clothes and eat. Later She orders me to wash Her removed tyres, and spread fertilizers for the kitchen garden and fruit trees. Lina is at her grandmother’s, i take Mats to his swimming, and W/we are alone.

As i get home She first makes me change a pair of curtains, then lower all blinds and strip naked, slave naked, except for the cb. i report to Her, She’s sitting in the kitchen and after looking at me a while She orders me to put on a lacy apron. my penis tries to extend but meets the biting points. i have big trouble controlling my erection, the points hurt so i am bent double. Then i seize control of it and the rest of the time it just oozes precum. It means the first thing my body learned from the use of cb is to ooze precum with a limp penis.

She orders me to clean kitchen thoroughly – it was shabby after the week. She wants a glass of wine, and then sends me to fetch the electric training collar – risking my bare ass being seen through some of the windows were W/We don’t have blinds. With the training collar around my genitals She decides i will have to simultaneously plan with Her menu for guests who are visiting over the weekend and learn body parts in Spanish. Finally She will give me an exam, and mistakes will mean shocks. She decides on a longish menu for Sunday, i look for recipes, update the shopping list and glance at the word list at the same time. As the shopping list is ready She starts going through the word list with me. i don’t remember the word “toe” , a big shock follows. “Cheek” and another word go a bit wrong – wrong gender etc. – and i get smaller shocks for them.

i have to hurry to replace the collar and start preparing supper before i have to leave to pick up Mats. i put on my clothes hastily.

W/we eat, She informs me that i will be using the cb also during the weekend, but i may not disturb Her with that in the morning – i keep the cb in the bedroom during the night, and She referred to one morning as i dropped the lock on the floor as i left the bedroom to start my morning chores. i will also use alarm to wake me up early on weekend mornings. As i am already drifting to sleep, Mistress points out that i am not allowed to use my laptop in the morning, but prepare a gruel using a multi-grain cereal, put the washed tyres into the shed, change the chain for the chain-saw and start sawing.

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  1. Love the lacy apron She makes you wear.
    The electric collar, wow!! And dodging the "open" window, omg...