Wednesday, 26 January 2011

a slave's morning bathroom duties

Like every morning i take my cb from a cupboard in the bedroom, put on my shirt, grab my clothes with my other hand and walk without pants to downstairs bathroom. There i pee, the last chance having been 12 hours before. If i drink as little coffee as possible, 12 hours can be achieved easily. i clean cat’s litter box and check that it has water and food. i wash my sissy clitty well, under the tap, by sitting in the sink facing away from the mirror and pulling clitty backwards under my thigh which i raise. i dry myself and start plucking hairs starting from the right side of my ball sac. Individual hairs can be located by viewing the ballsac against the bright white sink. i proceed to the base of penis, then over the ballsac to the left side. Finally i check the backside of the sac and pull out all visible hairs also there.

This time i also control the sissy pussy area. i take a big round hand mirror and place it under my butt as i raise my leg and place one foot on the surface by the sink. It looks completely hairless and nice, at least to my liking, and comparing it to what it looked like with long dark hair all around. It has been in peace for a long time, it doesn’t look violated or torn at all, it rather looks virginal. From experience i know, that though no hairs can be seen, of i randomly pluck by my pussy, tweezers catch and pull out some fair hairs, and so do they now. By bending over i can see into my crack with the mirror. My last crotch hair is preserved there, and i attack them now with tweezers, plucking until i can’t see any more.

Next i take my epilator (Braun Silk-Epil), and start epilating the hairless area to the right of my neat, small triangle of pubes. The hairless zone that i epilate continues to my upper thigh, i have kind of hair thigh highs. Epilator does not remove everything with one run. i have to epilate the same area again and again until i feel no pinching any more which means all appeared hairs have been pulled out.

i repeat the same on the left side, then lift my right leg up on the surface, and epilate to the right from ball sac, up till thigh joint, then perineum, sides of sissy pussy, and all the way till buttock, again going over the same area time and again until pinching reveals no more hairs. Next i reach around my back and epilate my right buttock. As the right side is ready i repeat the same on the left side, and finally i pull my balls tightly forward so that i see past perineum, and do the finishing touches with the epilator removing the last few hairs.

i raise my shirt up now, and epilate round my nipples, repeating that so many times that the epilator has grabbed all hair. At this stage my sissy clit is limp, and it is somehow wonderful to start greasing it. So great to know that as real men lubricate it for fucking, i lubricate it to insert it in the cock cage, and in the evening i may open the cb and find a small clitty that is striped and furrowed by the cb-2000 bars.

i take some basic skin cream, pull the foreskin back and grease the top side of clitty and its head, and sides. i continue by combing and doing my hair, and in the mean time my clitty gets limp again so that i can put on the a-ring. That makes it semihard again, so that i cannot force it in the cage. i shave, and after that clitty is soft again, and gets locked up now. Bare, oiled glans is now pressed tightly against the bars at the top of cb-2000. i try to check that the opening of urethra is not pressed against a bar. i have a standing order also to clear all hair away after my morning chores, and after that i move on to make breakfast. i prepare coffee for mother-in-law too. All O/others are still asleep, i put the coffee in a thermos for her. i forget to use my allowed two minutes to masturbate. The time allowance remains to be used later.

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