Friday, 14 January 2011

Timing my orgasm

** sorry for not updating my blog for a few days, i got a flu that took all my strength away**


I wake up after a nice long sleep at 5.50. Plucking, cb-2000 on with difficulties (lubing my genitals excites). i try out a new improvement to cb safety. i tie a small rubber band in a knot in the middle so that it forms two loops, and put the other loop behind penis head. Then i stuff penis in the cock cage, and using tweezers, and tie the other band loop around the bars at the end of cb. The idea is that this would prevent quickly pulling out and pushing back in.

As i have the cb on, i am allowed to go and view D/s netsites until it is time epilate (with cb on), do rest of the morning chores and then back to the laptop with my breakfast. No one else is awake yet. i find some nice blogs written by dominant women, an old abandoned little blog where the husband puts daily fragrance and lube to his asshole in case his Wife would fuck him with a strap-on. Then i found in which the wife is submissive to black guys and dominates Her husband, who is sometimes allowed to watch with a raging erection is the black men fuck his Wife. Now i get a painful erection myself, i try to shuffle the cb to move the points a bit. It helps.

During the day i notice that the lock on the cb clicks nicely against the cb when walking. It’s nice that the cb-2000 allows a little tumescence before the points start to bite. A semierection, n which the cage compresses the penis from all directions, is actually quite nice. When penis is flaccid, during the working hours, you barely notice the belt, especially, if the foreskin slides on the penis head like it did today.

i have another of my evening meetings and reach home after 6. Clothes, food, i get Mats to burn some branches that Mistress has cut from bushes.

W/we go with Mistress, Lina and her friend Mona to play tea party in the playhouse. Then Mistress makes a tour in the garden with me, makes me collect nettles to make food out of them, nettles pasta. As i work in the kitchen She fondles me from behind, bangs Her loins against my butt.

After supper She goes to but Lina to bed and i slip to my laptop, and get caught. i get a standing order that i must go to Mistress after having finished each chore.

Then upstairs, after brushing teeth i remove the cock cage. The loop is still in place, but it is not escape-free that way. i get the middle sized locking pin for the morning, i’m still experimenting. i do the abdominals and push ups on the floor until She joins me and sits on my shoulders. She orders me t get the skin cream and settles on the bed and orders me to apply the cream. As i’m working She turns and sees i’m using a very greasy cream. Now her back feels sticky. i must change the cream and grease Her breasts, belly and legs.

Completely as a surprise She now orders me to lock the door, dresses herself in a waist corset nd stockings as i wait on my knees. She settles on the bed on all fours, and sticks Her wonderful butt to my face, ordering me to lick it. i may kiss the buttocks, and shove my nose next to Her asshole and lick Her clit, lick and lick as She utters sounds that show She is having a good time.

Next She orders me to remove my thong, get a condom and get on my knees before Her as She sits on the bed. i may push in and out while gently kissing Her neck. She orders me on my back, rides me more forcefully. Then doggy style, but “stop, it hurts”. From behind on my side, trying different angles, until W/we finally find the right position, but my own pose is so awkward that She cums, i don’t.

After Her orgasm i ask Her if She could teach me the countdown method to time my orgasm. She says ‘Yes, but on my terms’. i will lie on my back, masturbate the condom-clad penis with my right hand, pushes my penis with Her foot, and starts counting down from 10, but so slowly and without a steady rhythm. After ‘5’ She doesn’t continue for tens of seconds, and i must ask permission to stop or cum. She orders me to stop and the chance for an orgasm, just an arm’s length way, is taken away for an unknown time.

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  1. Love your day... oh my, my clitty is getting hard!