Saturday, 29 January 2011

Practising the countdown method

It’s a stressful day at work, i’m tense at i get back. i may eat and then Mistress orders me to chop some firewood to relax while warming up the sauna W/we eat some supper and then it’s sauna time, first the W/women (my mother-in-law staying with us) and then me.

Mistress did yesterday give me permission to masturbate without full orgasm, with a possibility of a ruined orgasm, for 2 minutes, and i am to use it while in the sauna bathroom. i may rehearse the “countdown” method, meaning Mistress counting down from 5 to 0 and an orgasm is possible also exactly at zero, if this short period of stroking is enough to get to the edge. The good points of this method is that a sissy cannot cum with so little stimulation unless she is really needy, especially if masturbation permit is given by surprise without any previous warmup, like MsRika describes in her book Uniquely yours.

i take a watch and place it before me. i kneel up, knees spread on the wet bathroom floor. i plan to divide the two minutes into 6 x 20 seconds. i start masturbating at even minute and start counting down from 20, second per number. As i reach 0 i am only little warmed up – i started accidentally counting up from 1, which does not work. i wait for 40 seconds and at the next even minute i start another 20 seconds of stroking.

During the third masturbation period i am nearing the edge, but as i am reaching 0 i hear someone approaching the bathroom door which cannot be locked and i squat. It’s Mistress, i show Her how i have positioned the watch and report my situation. She makes fun of me, remembering this permission, but forgetting other things. i say i was planning to save the last 3 times 20 seconds after water aerobics, to make it more challenging as cold water has shrunk and wrinkled genitals.

After full water workout i resume to stroking. On my knees, next even minute and back to rubbing a tiny shrivelled sissy clitty. 20,19,…,4,3,2,1,0 Now i get excited quickly. My mind is filled with an idea of a cuckold who is made to perform like this. Again 4o seconds break, 20 seconds wanking, i’m getting more quickly excited than in the beginning, is this training already bearing fruit? 40 seconds break and the last chance: 20,19,18… now i’m going to go all the way 8,7,6 i have to slow down a bit, as one of the rules is no cum showing before 0, no full orgasm. 4,3,2,1,0 i pull my hand quickly away at 0: no touching after 0, no cum showing before 0 – all that it leaves is a possibility for a ruined orgasm. i’m on the edge, cum is already on its way inside my body, but as stimulation ends at zero, it just leaks and dribbles out of sissy clitty without any spurts. The drops fall on the floor right under the clitty head. However the leakage continues for a long time, a number of spurts are replaced with a number of leaks.

Now i make myself look at the cum drops i have accomplished for 100 seconds, bend down and lick it up. As the floor is wet, i have to lick all around to make sure i get it all off and no slippery stain remains. By taste i can tell cum from water. Taste does not feel particularly bad any more, the texture resembles egg white. i go back and make sure it was not a full orgasm by stroking a bit more. i get instantly excited and hard again.

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  1. Ooh, I love this... how hot! Oh my.