Monday, 24 January 2011

Unauthorized stroking and a punishment


24 have gone, this is the next time i’m writing, i’m in a toilet. It’s my first toilet visit after morning. i need only two daily visits to toilet any more, but i have to be able to do the “number two” also one of those times, forcing myself. This time i manage it easily. Peing feels a little “restricted” again, due to some swelling inside the cock cage.

Yesterday my break was ended by an order to empty the dishwasher, and then i prepared some texmex pizza for supper. i warmed up sauna and i did full pool exercises. After sauna i joined Mistress and Mats watching Survivors, but i had to peel garlic for Mistress’s chili garlic marinade the whole time.

After kids have gone to bed i remark that like the lust for candies has faded, so has the lust for masturbation. In the sauna, i would have a rare chance to steal a few strokes, but i didn’t. Mistress gives me half an hour net time, “but no stroking”. Somehow that “half an hour” and “no stroking” were not understood by me, and i read (a blog i now find unfortunately abandoned) for an hour and even masturbated to it as i had a day off from cb after sauna. i had enough self control not to cum, though.

As i reported to Mistress the communications breakdown became clear. i had to put the eletric training collar around my neck, and i had to try to explain in the rhythm of electric shocks. i think She used the greatest setting now for the first time, or at least i could help crying out because of the biggest shocks. Then She ordered me to change the sheets motivated with more shocks – they really made me try my best! i got back to Her good books soon, and the same night i was allowed to lie on top of Her and pretend to be fucking Her with my briefs on. Then She ordered me to sleep.

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  1. Wow... imagining that electo-collar as a punishment... hot! The idea of humping Her with your briefs on is making me tent my own panties, loL! :)